Map of County Mayo with Images of People Associated with the Orams

Interactive Map of the area:

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Wilford Lodge
Home of Arthur & Catherine Oram & their children John, Arthur “Attie”, Gretta, Emily, James & Isa
Pictures taken at Wilford
Home of Robert & Isabella “Bella” Dick. Bella sister of Catherine Oram, Wilford Lodge. Children James & Margaret “Hittie”
Pictures of the Dick Family:
Home of relations of Catherine Oram of Wilford Lodge: Sisters Maggie, Annie & Mary Anderson, Mother Mrs Margaret Anderson (nee Stokoe), Aunt Margaret Anderson, Cousin James Cowan, grazier & auctioneer
Pictures taken at Knockroe:
Pictures of the Anderson Family:
Pictures of the Cowan Family:
Home of Ephraim Anderson, grazier, uncle of Catherine Oram of Wilford Lodge and Ephraim’s son John
Pictures of Ephraim Anderson:
Brees or Brize House
Not an Anderson residence late 1880s onwards but had been home of Matthew Anderson, John & Margaret Anderson and birthplace of their six daughters including Arthur Oram’s wife Catherine.
Burrishoole Farmhouse
Burrishoole Farmhouse home of William & Mrs Rose & Baby Rose. Michael Dever, estate Gamekeeper & water baliff lived in the farm complex
Pictures of the Rose family:
Home of George Hope, farmer & his daughters Miss Hope & Bella Hope
Pictures of the Hope Family:
Arthur Oram farmed some land near the uninhabited main house. 1850s – 80s home of Hunter family. Mr Hunter, friend of John Oram, was assassinated in 1869. His daughter Jo Weddell a great friend of Maggie Anderson.
Pictures of the Hunter Family:
Home of Thomas Rose, probably father of William Rose of Burrishoole Farmhouse
Claggan Estate
Estate of the Clive family, Mr Prince agent
Pictures of the Prince Family:
Home of Symingtons, friends of the Andersons
Pictures of the Symington Family
Prospect Lodge
John Oram sometimes stayed with Mr Smithwick when he attended Conservators’ meeting in Ballycroy, Mr Smithwick was Mr Bellingham’s agent in the 1870s and his photograph is in Catherine Anderson’s album.
Pictures of Mr Smithwick 
Picture of Westport resident George Birmingham:

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