Pictures of People

Luckily, we have a reasonably large set of images which have been annotated with the name(s) of the people in them. We even know who all the people are in gatherings recorded in the 1892  Emma’s wedding pictures.

All images associated with people on the family tree have been tagged, and are displayed on their respective pages.

We have many images of friends and relations who are not directly on the family tree. To display these images, we have arranged them by family name. For the images of people from near where the Orams lived at Wilford Lodge in the West of Ireland , we have tried to display where these people lived. We also have a collection of photographs taken of people at Wilford Lodge. These photographs from the West of Ireland have recently been given to a national archive in Ireland with the diaries of John Oram 1824-1907 and Arthur Talbott Oram 1853-1919.

Images of places are available under the locations tab on the header above.

Families (* indicates they are on the West of Ireland map):

Images of people we know are Orams, but who we are unable to identify, are shown here.

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