+ Alice May Sanders 1897 -1987

Born: 13 Sept 1897 in Kirtlington, Oxfordshire, England

Parents: John Sanders 1847-1903 and Agnes Septima Redkap 1877-1946

Siblings: Henry John B Sanders 1899-1988

Married: Walter Knight Loveridge 1894-1968 in 1921 at Headington, Oxfordshire, England

Future generations: see Descendants of Walter and Alice Loveridge

Died: 1987 at Oxford, England


In ‘The Oram Family Saga’ Alice’s story was included in the entry for her husband Walter.

Names of Alice’s parents and sibling are taken from public family trees in ancestry.co.uk. 2013 note: Despite the reference in Walter’s page that Alice was connected to the ‘Coles of Winchester’ no Coles have been found in the family tree of her mother Agnes Redkap.

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