Walter William Loveridge 1867 – 1951

Born:  15 Aug 1867 at Yardbury Farm, Colyton, Devon, England

Parents: George Loveridge 1834 – 1908 and Louisa Pady 1837 – 1924

Siblings: Mary Loveridge 1870-?, Bertha Loveridge 1872-?, Jessie Loveridge 1872-?, Charles G Loveridge 1875-?, James Loveridge 1877-?, Lilas Loveridge 1879-?, Harold L Loveridge 1883-?

Married: Edith Mabel Oram 1870-1951 on 15 Feb 1893  probably at the Methodist Chapel at Lovington, Somerset, England

Offspring: Walter Knight Loveridge 1894-1968

Died: 3 Oct 1951 at Oxford, England


In ‘The Oram Family Saga’ Walter’s story was included in the entry for his wife Edith.

Names of Walter’s parents and siblings are taken from public family trees in


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