Letters from Arthur and Catherine

The birth of Arthur and Catherine’s second grandson

Letter from Arthur Talbott Oram to his son James in Devizes, Wiltshire written on the same day as Arthur Talbot Oram, son of James and Ida Oram was born.  The maiden name of baby Arthur’s mother was Talbot, ending in one ‘t’.  The maiden name of grandfather Arthur’s mother was Talbott, ending in two ‘t’s.

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All the letters on this page were found among the effects left by ‘baby’ Arthur when he died in 2005.

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‘John’ would have been Arthur’s eldest son.  Aunt Maggie Anderson and James Cowan are also mentioned.  Although James Cowan was a cousin of Arthur’s wife Catherine Love nee Anderson, he was always called ‘Uncle’ by Arthur and Catherine’s offspring.

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The following letters from Catherine and Isa were written in pencil on thin paper. These enhanced images are easier to read than the originals.

Letter 1
Letter 2
Letter 3

The reference to Melton Mowbray is to Gretta and her son Terence born on 22 April 1916, see photograph at the bottom of this page.  In the letter below Mrs Thomas refers to Gretta’s mother-in-law.

Letter 4
Margaret “Gretta” Thamas nee Oram with son Terence born April 1916

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