Images of the Oram family’s friends and relations with a Map of their homes

All the photographs in this section and the associated places section come from the Oram family archives.

As well as commercial and very amateurish photographs the archive includes work of three good family photographers.  Diarist John’s eldest son John Samuel Oram 1847-1913 emigrated to Cleveland, Ohio where he built up a successful business.  In 1887 he was able to visit his parents in England and later often visited Wilford.  The archive includes his interior and outside photographs.  John Samuel’s sister Lily, younger by 22 years, was also a very competent photographer and there are photographs she took 1900-1914.  The third photographer was diarist Arthur’s son Arthur Oram 1885-1965 who was on long leave from the Indus Valley around 1920 when his mother Catherine died.

Family photographers: Lily, Arthur and John

Interactive Map of the area:

View Arthur Oram, Burrishoole in a larger map

Burrishoole Farmhouse
Burrishoole Farmhouse built in 1852-4 to John Oram’s design. Home to John & Jane Oram and their family until 1873.
Pictures of John and Jane in Ireland and England

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Later Burrishoole Farmhouse was home of William Rose and his family. Photographs of the Rose family. Michael Dever, estate Gamekeeper & water bailiff lived in the farm complex.
Wilford Lodge
Wilford “Clear view in early autumn 1920”
Home of Arthur & Catherine Oram after their marriage in 1881. Birth place of their offspring John, Arthur “Attie”, Margaret “Gretta”, twins James and Emily and Isa.

The best of the many photographs in the family archive are shown in five slide shows below.  Exterior and interior photographs of Wilford are in the places section .

Pictures including Arthur and/or Catherine

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Family picnic and boating parties

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Arthur and Catherine’s offspring before c1918 or when they were married
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People at Wilford c 1920 around the time of Arthur’s death in 1919, Catherine’s in 1920 until Wilford Lodge was sold in 1921. David Deverell and his family were living at Wilford and helping on the farm prior to emigrating to the USA

Pictures of Arthur and Catherine’s offspring later in life
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Home of George Hope, his wife and family. Photographs of George Hope and Georgina Hope
Home to James “Tom” Hunter, his wife, daughter (later Mrs Weddell) and son.
From a photograph album of John Oram’s daughter Lily, taken c1914.

Ashfield, Ballyballinaun near Aghagower 
Home of Thomas Rose, probably uncle of William Rose of Burrishoole Farmhouse.  Arthur Oram occasionally stayed overnight at Ashfield.

Claggan Estate
Estate of the Clive family where Mr Prince was agent during the time of John and Arthur’s diaries. Photographs of Mr Prince and his family

Prospect Lodge

Photograph of Mr Smithwick who was agent for Sir Alan Bellingham’s estate.
Samuel Deverell was an hotelier in Newport.  In 1905 his son David Deverell married Margaret “Hittie” Dick of Mullaun.

Slideshow of the Deverell family:

Home to six of Arthur Oram’s in-law: James Cowan and five members of the Anderson family
Further photographs taken at Knockroe can be found in the ‘Knockroe’ slideshow on the Places page in the ‘Horses and hunting’ slideshow on the Other Photographs page
Pictures of the James Cowan and members of the Anderson family living at Knockroe:
Home of Ephraim Anderson, uncle of Catherine Oram of Wilford Lodge and his family.
John Anderson 1860-?
Ephraim Anderson 1819-1893 born Northumberland, England moved to County Mayo c1854.
Brees or Brize House
Brize House, also known as Brees House

Brees or Brize house was home of Matthew Anderson 1784-1867 and his son John Anderson 1811-1874 from their move from Northumberland in the mid 1850s until about 1870.  Birthplace of John and Margaret Anderson’s six daughters including Arthur Oram’s wife Catherine.

John Anderson 1811-1874
Father of Catherine Love Oram nee Anderson
Arthur Oram’s father-in-law
Home of the Symington family, friends of the Andersons.
0107, Gibson Symington
Home to the Dick family from the mid 19th to mid 20th centuries.
Arthur Oram’s sister-in-law Isabella “Bella” nee Anderson married Robert Dick

Slide Show of images of the Dick family:

5 Responses to Images of the Oram family’s friends and relations with a Map of their homes

  1. Suzanne says:

    Stumbled across your website when I was looking for matters relating to my family, you mention Rimpton, where my family have lived since the 1840s’ and Little Weston where the King Brains, who are cousins of mine still live. I have enjoyed pottering around your relatives whilst thinking they may have known mine.

    • Carolyn says:

      Thank you for your message. About 18 months ago I was in your area staying at South Barrow and visiting the old family villages including Rimpton plus a couple of days at the Taunton archives. I have heard of the King Brains. You will be interested in John Oram’s diaries, when UCD publish them on their digital library website (they are currently fourth in the queue) as they continue when he returned to Somerset to Lovington then Little Weston.

  2. Benita Stoney says:

    I am fascinated by your wonderful website, which I have stumbled across while looking for information on Robert Vesey Stoney, my great grandfather, who built Rosturk Castle.
    Some time between March 1848 and March 1851 his family moved to Rossyvera – as you know, just a stone’s throw from Wilford Lodge. I wonder if there are any mentions of the Stoneys in your family journals? Robert Vesey’s father was James Butler Stoney, and there was a cousin, William Baker Stoney, who was rector of Newport and Castlebar in the 1840s and 50s – I have yet to pin down his dates and career.
    Robert Vesey left Rossyvera in 1856, for Australia and India (railways) and started building in the 1870s. I am at a very early stage in my researches.

    • Carolyn says:

      Yes, members of the Stoney family are occasionally mentioned in both John and Arthur’s diaries. The images of the diaries are gradually working up the list of the UCD Digital Library’s forthcoming collections, so may be available later this year.

  3. Rebecca says:

    Whilst looking through your family website I recognised a photo of my ancestor, Marshall Bartlett! I have really enjoyed working out the connections and been able to put names to a few of the unknown portraits in our family album. Many thanks.

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