Map of land owned or leased by Captain Wyndham in County Mayo, Ireland c1856

Caveats for this map

This map has been made by me, Carolyn after looking for references to Captain Alexander Wyndham in the on-line Griffith’s Valuation  records for County Mayo that were published between 1855-1857.

As Griffiths only recorded the occupier of a property and the ‘Immediate Lessors’ the areas shown on this map may not have been owned by Captain Wyndham.   At the time there were often a number of middle-men between the occupier and owner of the property.

There is an icon for every townland that I found that Captain Wyndham had an interest in. This does not mean that he owned or leased all the townland.

Readers may find this map helpful while reading John Oram’s diaries, tracing his journeys around the area. Accuracy is not guaranteed!

Please open the map in ‘full screen’ by clicking the icon at the right hand end of the black bar above the map.

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