Other Photographs

Horses and hunting

Motorcars and cycles

Photographs of unidentified people at the gate to Wilford Lodge

Maybe James and Margaret “Hittie” Dick and either Emily or Isa Oram; photographer Arthur’s brother John Samuel Oram 1847-1913

Photographs of people from Catherine Oram’s album whose connection with the Oram family is not known.

Dodwell Francis Browne 1841-1920
Photograph was annotated by a member of the Oram family, and identified by Patrick Butler.

Dodwell Francis Browne 1841-1920, known as “The Judge”. Dodwell had spent 34 years of service in Ceylon (Sri Lanka), where he served as a high court judge before returning to the family home at Raheens House near Castlebar in 1905.  Dodwell was unsympathetic to the cause of Irish freedom and home rule. Under his ownership the estate was divided up and given to small farmers under the compulsory tillage act in return for a yearly rent.

Photographs of unidentified people

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Carte de visite of unidentified people

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Carn House, Killala including unidentified people. 

Carn House is just off the main Killala – Ballycastle road in the north of County Mayo. Circa 1914, photographer Lily Allen nee Oram 1869-1852.

Carn House exterior
Carn House with unidentified people.
Unidentified people, perhaps residents of Carn House

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