Newspaper Obituary for John’s wife Jane

Transcription of the Weston Chronicle Obituary:

Death of Mrs Oram – Mrs Oram, wife of Mr John Oram, of Little Weston, passed away on Sunday Morning, April 29th, after a long period of failing health. Mrs Oram was the daughter of the late Samuel Talbot, of Sparkford. For a great part of her married life she lived in Ireland, where her husband managed large estates, a position now occupied by one of her sons, and the latter years of her life were spent within a mile of her old home. Mr and Mrs Oram had been married 59 years and much sympathy is felt for the family in this bereavement. The funeral took place in Weston Bamfyide Churchyard on Saturday last, and was largely attended by relatives and friends, among whom we noticed: Messrs Reginald Dyke, King Brian, Richard Perry,O. C. Phippen and the Revs. Trevor Griffiths and George Bennett and Dr Hurley. The burial office was read by the Rev. T. C. Caffa, rector of Weston Bampfylde. The mourners were: John Oram (husband), Messrs Talbot (brother), Arthur Talbot Oram (Son), Tom Hann, Alfred Hinxman and Walter Loveridge (sons-in-law), James Hoare and Willie Hoare (nephews). Many and beautiful wreaths were sent , among which there were a beautiful wreath from her sorrowing husband bearing the inscription “we shall soon meet again,” harp from her ten children, cross from Mt T. Golledge (nephew) and wreaths from daughters and sons-in-law and grand children, and from Weston Rectory and Mrs Perry, Little Weston and Mr Nehemiah Bartlett. The coffin bore the inscription “Jane Oram died April 29th, 1906, aged 76 years.” Our district representative, who is well acquainted with the late Mrs Orams family, writes of the deceased lady as follows: It is not easy in a short paragraph to do justice to the character in which so many excellent qualities were associated. Doubtless one of the principal charms of her character, which pervaded, animated, and endeared the whole, was warmth of heart – a cordial kindness of disposition. The bitter tears of surviving relatives bear testimony to her domestic virtues, and to the delight which her presence diffused through the family circle; and the deep felt sadness of the imimates of her early days, to the sincerity, the cordiality, and the steadiness of her friendships. Her many Christian virtues are well known and little need be said. Her consolation by faith in the Lord Jesus were neither few or small. Her resignation during the extremity of bodily sufferings, was truly exemplary. Amidst the prospects of dissolution and glory she was often occupied in thinking of the happiness of others, and in praying fervently for them. She sought the best of blessings on her faithful and affectionate partner. Her humility and fidelity, her hospitality and goodwill, – her abhorance of evil, and her rigid integrity, – her industry and economy, all tend to point her out as a character that will live in rememberance of those who best knew her as a pattern worthy the imitation of those who may have similar obligations to fulfil, or similar trials to endure. E.B.
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