Mr Prince at Claggan Estate, Ballycroy

Mr Prince

Stephen Farr Prince 1825-1906 lived at Claggan near Ballycroy where he was agent of the Clive family’s estate.  In 1852 Mr Prince was married to Sophia Drew who died in 1888.  Below are photographs of their offspring. In 1891 Mr Prince married Jane Mary Mills.

Mr Prince often arranged transport beyond Mullranny for John Oram, and later Arthur Oram when they attended Fishery meetings at Ballycroy. __

Mr W Prince

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Miss A Prince
Emily Prince (Simpson)
Emily Prince (Simpson)
Mrs Drew & Mr H Prince. The first wife of Mr Prince (the agent) was Sophia Drew.

2 Responses to Mr Prince at Claggan Estate, Ballycroy

  1. Valerie Chambers says:

    Hi Carolyn,
    I am enjoying reading through the website. My particular interest stems from the fact that we live in the now converted St. Catherine’s Church in Newport. Arthur Talbot Oram and Catherine are buried in our graveyard. Mowing the lawn over the past number of years I have become intrigued by the stories of some of the souls resting here, not the least being ‘My Darling Children, Little Jack aged 4 and Eileen 2’ who died in May 1906. The headstone is dedicated by Alexandra S. Ormsby. She was the widow of Lowther H. Little, who died in 1904. She remarries in 1906, the same year that her father, Stephen Farr Prince dies. Her mother is buried beside them, Sophia d.1888, and her brother-in-law, Edgar Lofting (not Loftus) d. 1899. He was the husband of Clara Prince who is named on the 1911 Census as Clara Loftus. I was fascinated to know where Lowther Little was buried and your website has answered that – I’ll be heading off to Ballina to pay my respects! It all seems such a tragedy for the family. I wonder why your ancestors reported him ‘unhinged’!

    • Carolyn Scales says:

      Hi Valerie, you will be interested in Arthur Oram’s diaries as he was a church warden at St Catherine’s. Hopefully UCD will put them into their digital website before May. Did you find the photos of the interior of the church? They are in the ‘pictures of Newport’ slide show under ‘Places’.
      We hope to visit Mayo early summer. A few days ago I sent you a message to the e-mail address you have given us.
      Regards, Carolyn

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