Mr Smithwick, near Ballycroy

Robert Henry Smithwick c1836-1885 was agent for Sir Alan E. Bellingham on his estate of about 12,000 acres near Ballycroy.  Mr Smithwick lived at Prospect House, Knockmoyleen, in the parish of Kilcommon.

John Oram gave evidence at the trial of Mr Smithwick when he was convicted of the manslaughter of Martin Cleary, a poacher in 1872. John Oram mentioned the trial in his diary and the proceedings were reported in the Freeman’s Journal on 15 March 1872.

In December 1878 John Oram visited the Aughness and Lagduff estates that neighboured the Bellingham Estate and reported in his diary “Settling boundaries with Mr Smithwick”.

Mr Smithwick died on 22 December 1885, during the gap between John  and Arthur Oram’s Burrishoole diaries, and was buried on 24 December 1885 in the Westport Church of Ireland cemetery, in the parish of Oughaval.

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