Other members of the Oram family

The offspring of John and Jane Oram nee Talbott

John and his wife Jane are in the centre. From top left clockwise: John, Arthur, Emma, James, Alfred, Jane, Lily, Kathleen, Edith and Caroline.

John’s wife Jane gave birth to fourteen children in the first twenty five years of their marriage.  Ten of these offspring survived and are in the photograph above that was taken in 1892 at Lovington, Somerset, England shortly before John retired from farming.  It was the only time that all the siblings were together.

Photographs and more on John & Jane’s offspring

The offspring of Arthur and Catherine Love Oram nee Anderson

Arthur and Catherine with their offspring, except John b1884 at Wilford with an American cousin and Maggie Anderson.
Photograph taken by Arthur’s brother John Samuel Oram c1903

When Daphne, in 1970 wrote her essay about Arthur she did not know that Arthur and Catherine had eight, not six offspring.  The extra offspring came to light when researching their 1911 census return. It may have been a closely guarded secret that Arthur and Catherine were married at Hollymount Presbyterian church on 11 October 1881 (witnesses: James Cowan and Isabella Anderson) and their first set of un-identical twins Anderson and Jane were born on 27 May 1882, baptised 28 May 1882 and only lived a short time.

Photographs and more on Arthur and Catherine’s surviving offspring

The Oram family in England 

A page devoted to other members of the Oram family and their relations in England.

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