George Hope at Knockloughra

George Hope

George Hope c1815-1901 lived at Knockloughra for most of the time that John and Arthur Oram were writing their diaries. George, who had been born in Scotland and his wife Ann c1821-1878 had a number of offspring but only Georgina Dawson Hope 1863-after 1911 census, always referred to as “Miss Hope” by Arthur Oram and Isabella “Bella” Hope 1867-after 1911 census survived into adulthood.

George Hope was a farmer and agent whose link, except for that of tenant, with the Burrishoole Estate has not been established.  During the late 1850s John Oram arranged the building of a house for George Hope and his family at Knockloughra.  On 23 January 1858 John Oram reported “to Newfield settling with Mr Hope the expenses of building” prior to “Mr Hope came to live in Knockloughra new house” on 28 January 1858.   Later in 1867 John Oram notes  “Capt Wyndam gives Mr Hope conditions of retaking farm”.

In 1871 John Oram reported on  3 April “Mr Hope shot at”.  When John Oram was preparing to leave Ireland in 1872 he noted on 5 Dec 1872: “Closed Mr Vaughan’s Agency accounts & handed over books to Mr Hope.”

George Hope, a neighbour of Arthur Oram and his family at Wilford Lodge

The Hope family were neighbours and friends of Arthur Oram and his family at Wilford Lodge.  The friendship endured despite George often being unable to pay the rent for Knockloughra that Arthur Oram should have collected. 1880 had been a particularly difficult year for George as John Oram noted on 29 May 1880: Sheriff at Hope’s and then on 17 Sept 1880: Sale of Mr Hope’s stock (bankruptcy).

Georgina Hope “Miss Hope”

Despite this George did not give up Knockloughra and was living there during the 1901 census.  George died later in 1901 and his daughters Bella and Georgina accepted the Congested Districts Board’s offer for Knockloughra in 1909. During the 1911 census the sisters were living in Sandymount, Newport with Annie Pearson.

Note on George Hope’s sister-in-law

From John Oram’s diary on 12 Feb 1880: Miss Browne (Mrs Hope’s sister) died.

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