More about John Oram

  • John Oram – oral tradition collected in the 1960’s  written by John’s great granddaughter-in-law Daphne in 1970.
  • John Oram’s life prior to 1854, written by John’s great-great granddaughter Carolyn in 2013.
  • John Oram’s diaries 1854-1907: images in the UCD Digital Library
  • Burrishoole weather records: The diaries of John Oram contain a unique record of the weather conditions at Burrishoole from January 1854 to September 1873 and April 1877 to September 1881. Martin Rowley, a retired member of The Met Office has extracted all the relevant information from John Oram’s diaries and published a very interesting paper available on Martin’s West Moors Miscellany website
  • In November 1854, about eighteen months after arriving in Ireland John was sent a ‘Rockite Letter’. Image of the Reward poster.
  • From about 1857 John was an inspector of fisheries and an elected member of the Board of Conservators of Fisheries, Bangor District, attending meetings in Ballycroy and Newport.  John’s contribution was acknowledged in an exhibit at the now closed visitor’s centre at the Marine Institute’s facilities between Lough Feeagh and Lough Furnace.
Attached by John to his diary in 1858
  • John Oram’s “Essay on the Cultivation and Management of Small Farms“ dated 10 February 1865.  A pamphlet from articles previously published in the “Irish Farmers Gazette”
  • “Tenants’ manifesto – the attempt on Mr Oram’s life”  October 1872, a newspaper cutting  from the Ballina Herald found in the back of John’s father-in-law’s bible. On 1 October 1872 John had visited Aughness to collect rents and then dined and stayed the night at Lagduff House.  The next day he paid the waterkeepers before returning home.  He was shot at a mile beyond Dooghill, as he was approaching Mallaranny.
John and Jane c. 1874 in Horsham, Sussex

More about John’s wife Jane

Photographs and notes on John and Jane’s offspring


Letter from Alfred Wyndham to John on the death of his wife Jane in 1906.

John’s death: Notice and obituary from the local newspaper


Photographs of John and Jane in their retirement at Little Weston, in the parish of Weston Bampfylde, Somerset:

John Oram and his pony “Whiskey”
John at Little Weston
John outside his home at Little Weston
John and Jane at Little Weston

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