Letter from Alfred Wyndham to John on the death of his wife Jane in 1906.

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Transcript of letter:

Duiton Ranch
Glenview P.O.
Feby 10

Dear Mr Oram

I am sorry to hear of Mrs Orams death, Mrs Wyndham and I have a very kindly remembrance of her, during the summer we spent in Ireland when we were first married. We are also getting being 70 last year and have been married 48 years next June.
We have had a bitterly cold winter averaging 22 1/2 below zero during January the lowest cold was 50 below on the 3rd of February being 82 degrees of frost, hundreds of cattle have been frozen to death and a few people it has been the coldest winter for the last ten years, indeed I think it is the coldest I have known since I have been in the country, and we have been here twenty years. The glory of cattle raising in this country has departed with the rapid settlement and the small farmer will have the same difficulties here as in any other part of the world, the only advantage this country offers, he starts with a cleared farm instead of as in the other provinces having to spend a life time in clearing.

Mrs Wyndham unites with me in kind regards to you and any of your family who are with you

Sincerely yours

Alfred Wyndham

Alfred Wyndham born on 4 Nov 1836 to Alexander Wyndham and Emma Trevelyan. He passed away on 10 Mar 1914 in Okotoks, Alberta, Canada.

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