Introduction and caveat

All the maps in this site have been made by us, Chris and Carolyn to the best of our ability. We do not guarantee their accuracy.

Scope of maps

Geographically the diaries cover two areas:

  1. The Oram family at Burrishoole, near Newport in County Mayo, Ireland.
  2. The Oram family’s roots in Somerset, England and connections in Dorset and Wiltshire.


Newport area of County Mayo

Overview: Oram Family at Burrishoole Readers who are not familiar with the Newport / Burrishoole area of County Mayo may find this map helpful.

Very detailed map of the area around Newport in the 1850s

This map is useful when reading the diaries of John Oram and, to a lesser extent for Arthur Oram’s diaries.  John Oram was employed by Captain Wyndham on his Burrishoole estate. The map has dense areas of locations, being the townlands that Captain Wyndham had an interest in.

Early 20th Century

A map is included in the photograph section of the site for:


Somerset, Dorset and Wiltshire

The Somerset, Dorset and Wiltshire map has two layers:

John Oram’s visit to Somerset in June 1857 includes a map to go with John’s diary entries of his first visit to Somerset after moving to Ireland in 1853.

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