“Tenants’ manifesto – the attempt on Mr Oram’s life”


On 1 October 1872 John had visited Aughness to collect rents and then dined and stayed the night at Lagduff House.  The next day he paid the waterkeepers before returning home.  He was shot at a mile beyond Dooghill, as he was approaching Mallaranny.

Transcription of Newspaper Article:

Handwritten note: from Ballina Herald Oct 1872

We have much pleasure in placing the subjoined manifesto, readily and unanimously signed by the tenants on Mrs. Grant’s estate in Ballycroy before our readers and the public. This is something new in Mayo, and is an omen of good. The outspoken and manly conduct of Mrs. Grant’s tenants deserves to be held up to the emulation of the tenantry in all districts where agrarian crime is rife. We should much like to see a similar manifesto signed by the people in Mr. Atkinson’s neighbourhood, at Crossmolina, the repeated outrages on whose property we notice elsewhere. Mr. Oram is agent for Mrs. Grant’s estate and other neighbouring estates, including, we believe, the scene of the outrage upon him :-

We, the undersigned tenant-farmers on Mrs. Grant’s estate in Ballycroy, desire to express our abhorence of the atrocious and dastardly attempt lately made to assassinate her excellent agent, Mr. John Oram of Burrishoole ; and we hereby pledge ourselves severally and collectively, to lose no opportunity of bringing the would be murderer to public justice. (signed)

  • Joseph  Leneghan
  • Edward Monaghan
  • Owen Cafferky
  • Hugh McManmon
  • Pat Calpin
  • James Cleary
  • Patt Sweeny
  • Patt Cafferky
  • John Conemee
  • Thomas Ginty
  • Peter Cafferky
  • Patt Ginty
  • John Gallagher
  • Patt Monaghan
  • Peter O’Donell
  • Conar Ginty
  • John Lenaghan
  • Frank Lenaghan
  • Mary Lenagham
  • John Cafferky
  • Peter Cafferky
  • Henry O’Hara
  • Jerry McManmon
  • Anthony Cafferky
  • Anthony Reilly
  • Pat Cafferky
  • James Sweeny
  • Patt McGowan
  • Hugh McGowan
  • John Cormack
  • Patt Conway
  • Thomas Sweeny
  • Patt Sweeny
  • John Lenaghan
  • Martin Conway
  • Peter Conway
  • John Conway
  • Laughlin Sweeny
  • Patt Conway
  • James McHue
  • Anthony Barrett
  • Michael Gallagher
  • Hugh Conway

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