Terms of re-use

Thank you for your interest in this website, you are more than welcome to use material in this website for non-commercial purposes as long as you follow a few basic requirements.

Terms of re-use

  • You may re-use, under the Creative Commons Licence, material in this website for non-commercial purposes.
  • Under the Creative Commons Licence material intended for non-commercial use should be credited to ‘The Oram Family at Burrishoole’ Archive or linked to this website http://familyhistory.oram.ca/burrishoole/
  • If you wish to re-use an image please download the image from the site rather than using a ‘hotlink’.

Commercial re-use of images in this site

The Oram family have deposited the originals of the documents and photographs featured in this website in the University College Dublin Archives. We do not give authorisation for the re-use of images in this website for commercial purposes expect with the agreement of University College Dublin Archives.

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We would appreciate you using the form at the foot of this page to inform us of your interest and provide us with an indication as to how the archive is being used.

Thank you for your attention in this matter.

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