Visit to England

Diary Page 1 of Visit to England

June 7th – Left for England very wet — Rain
June 8th   – From Atheny to Dublin with Pony — Rain
June 9th   – Sailed for Bristol – rather rough sea sick — Rain
June 10th – Landed in Bristol rode pony to Sparkford how glorious my native Somerset looked – went to Weston Bampfylde and slept – Fair
June 11th – to Sparkford etc – Fair
June 12th – to West Camel – Fair
June 13th – to Galhampton etc – Fair
June 14th – Sunday to Weston Church – Fair
June 15th – to Charlton thence to Okeford Fitzpaine, Dorset – Fair
June 16th – to Capt, W’s West Lodge – Fair
June 17th – Left West Lodge to Okeford, Manston etc – Fair
June 18th – to Bryanston – Fair
June 19th – to Okeford, Manston, to Charleton, Somerset – Thunderstorm – Rain
June 20th – Looked over Mr Talbott farm, thence to Weston etc – Fair hot
June 21st – to Sparkford Church A.M. – Fair hot
June 22nd – to Weston & Queen Camel with Mr Blandford – to South Barrow in evening – Fair hot

Diary Page 2 of Visit to England

June 23rd – To Barrow, Babcary etc -Fair hot
June 24th – To Weston, Sparkford etc – very very hot
June 25th – Left Weston, to Bristol – Fair hot
June 26th – sailed from Bristol very calm – Fair hot
June 27th – landed in Dublin – thence to Atheny per [?] rail – Fair hot
June 28th – rode mare from Atheny to Castlebar drove home from thence – thus ended a most pleasant & satisfactory journey to England the land of my fathers after nearly four yrs absence from my native county – Thanks be to God for bringing me safe home again to my dear wife and children – Rain

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