The Dick family

John and Margaret’s daughter Isabella Anderson 1857-1945 married Robert Dick 1854-1887 at Hollymount Presbyterian Church on 14 February 1884 (witnesses: William Dick and Mary Anderson).

1. Introduction
2. Brief history
3. Genealogical table

1. Introduction

The Scottish Dick family lived at Mullaun House, about one kilometre to the south east of Newport, County Mayo for just over a century from about 1853 until circa 1960 when the property was sold to the Land Commission. In Mayo the family married into the Anderson family who were living at Knockroe, hence they became related to the Oram family at Wilford Lodge where Catherine Anderson was married to Arthur Oram. The Dick family also made two marriages with the Rose family of Newport and Ashfield, Aghagower North near Westport.

2. Brief history

In the 1841 census Robert and Agnes Dick were farming at Turnlaw Farm, south of Cambuslang in the Larnarkshire coalfield area within ten kilometres of the centre of Glasgow. By the 1851 census 90 year old Robert had retired and his sons Robert junior and James 1825-1887 were running Turnlaw Farm. Robert junior married Isabella and continued to farm at Turnlaw until Robert junior died c1886, when Isabella and their offspring moved away.

Mullaun House

Scotland and the move to Mayo
James Dick 1825-1887 married Mary Johnston 1827-1896. The families lived at Turnlaw Farm and Crookedshields Farm, less than one mile apart. Soon after the birth of their first daughter Jessie in 1852  James and Mary moved to Mayo and settled at Mullaun House where their offspring Robert, William and Agnes were born. Mary’s brother John Johnston moved to Mayo at about the same time, remaining there with his growing family until ca 1870 when they emigrated to the USA. Griffith’s Valuation includes a John Johnston who rented various parcels of land around Newport.

Robert Dick

Robert stays in Ireland to farm at Mullaun while the rest of the Dick family return to Lanarkshire [See “Members of the Dick family who returned to Lanarkshire” below to follow their stories.]

Map showing Turnlaw and Eastfield Farms in Scotland

Jessie Rose nee Dick

Jessie marries William Rose
By 1878 James and Mary Dick had returned to Lanarkshire with William (and Agnes and Jessie?) leaving Robert farming at Mullaun. The evidence to say ‘by 1878’ is in Jessie’s Scottish marriage certificate of that year. Jessie married William Rose of Burrishoole Farmhouse and son of Henry Rose who had farmed near Newport.  James and William farmed at ‘Eastfield Farm’, near Rutherglen, Lanarkshire.


Isabella Dick nee Anderson “Bella”

Robert married to Isabella ‘Bella’ Anderson
In 1884 Robert married Isabella ‘Bella’ Anderson who had been born at Brize (Beese) House and lived at Knockroe near Mayo Abbey. Her uncle was Ephraim Anderson of Hollybrook, Tagheen and her sister Catherine had married Arthur Oram of Wilford Lodge in 1880.


Birth of James 1884-1958 and Margaret ‘Hittie’ 1886-?
Robert dies
The family in late 1880s and 1890s
Sale of land to Congested Districts Board
Unfortunately Robert died in 1887 at the age of 35 leaving his widow Bella with two young children James and Margaret “Hittie”. Bella’s brother-in-law Arthur Oram helped run the farm at Mullaun until James was able to take over. Arthur Oram kept a diary and recorded the close contact between the families at Mullaun and Eastfield. Later in 1887 Robert’s father died and William took over Eastfield Farm. Stock would be sent from Mullaun to Eastfield and William made regular visits to Mullaun.  In August 1897 Arthur Oram reported in his diary “marked lambs & sent 35 by boat to Willm Dick” and in January 1904 “ship 2 springers [bought] at last Newport fair to Glasgow”. Springers are cows about to give birth.

In the 1890s Bella sold land for the Newport-Achill railway line and later Arthur Oram helped Bella and James negotiate sale of some of their land to the Congested Districts Board.

Margaret Dick “Hittie”

Margaret ‘Hittie’  married David Deverell
In 1905 Hittie married David Deverell, son of Samuel and Jane Deverell who ran a hotel in Newport. In 1919 or 1920 David, Hittie and their three children emigrated to the USA where their descendants still live.

Deverell’s Hotel in Newport
The Lawrence Collection, National Library of Ireland
David and Hittie Deverell with their two eldest children
James Dick

James married Rebecca McKenna
Death of Isabella, James and Rebecca
Sale of Mullaun House to the Land Commission
In 1919 James married Rebecca Margaret “Raby” McKenna and continued farming at Mullaun until his death on 17 October 1958. They had no offspring. Raby was the Newport Protestant School teacher ‘Miss McKenna’ mentioned in Arthur Oram’s diaries. James’ mother Isabella died in 1945, aged 87 years in the Westport Registration District, no doubt at Mullaun House. During her widowhood Raby sold the property to The Land Commission before she died on 21st April 1964.

Standing: James and ‘Raby’ Dick nee McKenna
Sitting: ‘Hittie’ Deverell nee Dick, Emily Oram, ‘Bella’ Dick nee Anderson


The members of the Dick family who returned to Lanarkshire
When the family returned to Lanarkshire James’ brother Robert was at the family’s farm at Turnlaw.  James 1825-1887 and his son William returned to the same area and took on Eastfield Farm where, in the 1881 census they were working about 100 acres of arable land. James  died in 1887, following his son Robert’s death at Mullaun House earlier the same year.

William Dick

William married Maria Rose
Like his sister Jessie, William 1858-? also married into the Rose family. In 1896 his bride was Maria Rose 1877-1931, daughter of Thomas Rose of Ashfield, Ballyballinaun, Aghagower North near Westport. They had four sons named James Dick, Thomas Rose Dick, William Dick and Robert Dick.


Agnes Drysdale nee Dick

Agnes married John Drysdale
In 1890 Agnes 1864-? married ‘house factor’ John P Drysdale 1861-?, son of a wine merchant. Their offspring were named John Oswald Drysdale, Margaret Paterson Drysdale and Mary Johnston Drysdale.  In his diaries Arthur Oram recorded their occasional visits to Mullaun House.

John Drysdale


3. Genealogical table

Names in bold type indicate members of the family who lived in Mayo.

1  Robert Dick c1761-after 1851 census

  Robert Dick c1761-after 1851 census born Cambuslang, Lanarkshire married
+ Agnes Alexander c1786-after 1851 census born Kilbride,  Lanarkshire. They resided at Turnlaw Farm, Cambuslang and had issue:

1.1 Robert Dick c1814-c1886 born Cambuslang, Lanarkshire, farmed at Turnlaw, Cambuslang, married Isabella c1822-after 1891 census, issue Robert 1860-? and Jane Fanny 1863-after 1891 census
1.2 John Dick c1816-?
1.3 Marion Dick c1818-?
1.4 Mary Dick c1820-?
1.5 Isabella Dick c1822-?
1.6 James Dick 1825-1887
1.7 Janet or Jessie Dick c1828-?

GENERATION 3: (Only James Dick 1825-1887 and his Mayo line)
1.6 James Dick 1825-1887 born Cambuslang, Lanarkshire, died 8 September 1887 Eastfield Farm, Ruthenglen, Lanarkshire, married 11 July 1851 at Cambuslang
+ Mary Johnston 1827-1896 born 29 March 1827 at Cambuslang, daughter of Cambuslang farmer William Johnson and Jane nee Duncan. James and Mary lived c1853-c1875 at Mullaun House, Mayo, Ireland and then at Eastfield Farm, Ruthenglen, Lanarkshire. They had issue:

1.6.1 Jessie Dick 1852-1921
1.6.2 Robert Dick 1854-1887
1.6.3 William Dick 1858-? (see William married Maria Rose above)
1.6.4 Agnes Dick 1864-? (see Agnes married John Drysdale above)

1.6.1 Jessie Dick 1852-1921 
born Cambuslang, Lanarkshire, died 26 June 1921 buried Newport Presbyterian Cemetery, Mayo married on 5 September 1878 at Eastfield Farm Ruthenglen (witnesses Robert Rose and Agnes Rose)
+ William Rose 1850-1916 born in County Mayo, son of Henry Rose, farmer and Elizabeth Mary Ann nee Nixon, died 2 May 1916 at Burrishoole Farmhouse,  buried Newport Presbyterian Cemetery, Mayo. They had issue: Elizabeth Nixon Rose 1884-? born Mayo, probably at Burrishoole Farmhouse. Known to have lived in Newport in the 1950s.

1.6.2 Robert Dick 1854-1887 born Mullaun House, Newport, Mayo where he died on 7 May 1887, married in Hollymount Presbyterian Church on 14 February 1884 (witnesses: William Dick and Mary Anderson).
+Isabella Anderson 1857-1945: born 2 September 1857, baptised 13 October 1857 at Brize, died in 1945 probably at Mullaun House, near Newport, Mayo. They had issue: James Dick 1884-1958: born 1884 at Mullaun House, Newport where he died 17 October 1958 married in 1919
Rebecca Margaret McKenna died 21st April 1964, no issue. Margaret Stokoe ‘Hittie’ Dick 1886-1967, born 1 September 1886 at Mullaun House, died in Illinois , USA on 2 July 1967, married in the Newport area in 1905 David Weldon Page Deverell, son of the Newport hotelier Samuel Deverell, born Newport 3 March 1875, died in 1985 DeKalb County, Illinois. They emigrated to the USA c1920 with their three offspring where their descendants live.

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