Jane (Cowan)

Jane Anderson 1829-after 1901

Youngest daughter of shepherd Matthew Anderson 1784-1867 and Jane Wanless 1787-1841. Born 12 October 1829 at Carshope near Alwinton in  Upper Coquetdale  and baptised at nearby Harbottle, Northumberland, England.  At the time of the 1841 census, soon after her mother’s death Jane was with all but one of her siblings at Carlecroft, a little further up Coquetdale from Carshope.

  1. Cowan or Cowans Family History prior to Anderson ‘marriage’ in England and Scotland
  2. Jane Anderson 1829-after 1901 married James Cowans 1828-1907.  

At the time of the 1851 UK census James Cowan or Cowans 1828-1907 was described as a ‘servant’ at Carlecroft, the Northumberland home of the Anderson family where Margaret Anderson and Jane Anderson were ‘daughters of the head of the household’. The ‘head of the household’ was Jane’s father Matthew Anderson, a widower who was living elsewhere with his in-laws.  In 2015 no record of the marriage of Jane Anderson to James Cowan(s) had been found.

3. Move from Northumberland, England to County Mayo, Ireland

James and Jane Cowan moved to County Mayo with Jane’s brothers Ephraim, George and John soon after the 1851 census. Then lived in various places in Ireland before returning to Northumberland between 1869 when Hector was born and the English 1871 census.  Their movement around Ireland can be traced, rather inconsistently by the birthplaces of their offspring:

James Cowan 1856-1936 who remained in Ireland for the rest of his life and stated in the 1901 and 1911 censuses that he was born in County Mayo.  James lived with his three unmarried Anderson cousins: Jane, Maggie, Annie and their mother Margaret nee Stokoe, widow of John Anderson at Knockroe, Co Mayo and later at Mosney, Co Meath.

Matthew Cowan c1860-? born Co Mayo, Ireland according to the English 1871 census

Jane Cowan 1862-1906 born Westport, Co Mayo, Ireland according to the English 1871 census

Eleanor Isabella Cowan c1865-? born Co Tipperary, Ireland according to the English 1871 census

John Cowan 1866-? born on 11 September 1866 in Claremorris area, Co Mayo, Ireland according to birth records but in Co Tipperary according to the English 1871 census

Hector Cowan 1869-? born 5 June 1869  in Church Hill, Donegal according to birth records but in Co Tipperary according to the English 1871 census

4.  James and Jane remaining days in Northumberland, England

In the 1871 census James and Jane were farming at Longshaws Farm,  Longhorsley near James’ parents at Netherwitton.  They have not been found in the 1881 and 1891 census returns. In 1901 they were living in Coxlodge near Gosforth where James died in 1907. James is described as a retired coalminer in the 1901 census.  At the time of the 1911 census Jane was living at North East Mason Farm with her daughter Jane who had married farmer John Rotherford.

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