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Matthew Anderson 1784-1867

Presbyterian shepherd of Northumberland and County Mayo

In the mid 1850s, after his spouse Jane nee Wanless died, Matthew and his surviving offspring moved to County Mayo, Ireland where they successfully farmed over 1000 acres of land until the 1950s.  As far as we know none of their descendants currently live in Ireland.

See England and Matthew page for Mathew’s ancestors and life in Northumberland

Matthew and Jane’s living descendants must number well over a hundred. These are lines that did continue:

John Anderson 1811-1875    John’s descendants were through his two daughters who married into the Oram and Dick families. John’s branch includes the surnames Oram, Deverell, Carson and Gill, many living in North America. One of John’s great granddaughters married an Anderson, so bringing the surname back into the family.

Archibald Anderson 1815-1893  lived in Newcastle-upon-Tyne.  His (only?) offspring Matthew born 1850 disappears after the 1871 UK census though a 1930s family note suggests that he married and had a son Matthew.

Ephraim Anderson 1819-1893 branch includes Andersons living in Virginia; his three daughters returned to Northumberland and have living descendants; his son Robert born 1848 disappeared after 1851 UK census.

George Anderson 1823-after 1900 and his seven (or perhaps all nine) of his offspring emigrated from Ireland to West Virginia in the mid 1870s. The above Andersons living in Virginia family lost touch with them in the 1960s. There is no trace of  C. Jane born 1850 and Matthew born 1851 who were not  included George’s household in 1880 US census.

Jane Cowan nee Anderson 1829-after 1901: James and Jane Cowan, sometimes Cowans, moved to County Mayo with Jane’s brothers then returned to Northumberland by 1871. We would like to hear from the descendants of:

Matthew Cowan c1860-? emigrated to Canada. Married 1. ‘Bella’ 2. Susan Yule with issue not traced.
Jane Cowan 1862-1906 married John W Rotherford in Northumberland. Lost contact in the 1980s.
Eleanor Isabella Cowan c1865-? married Tony Oliver. Probably untraced descendants living in North America.
John Cowan 1866-? married Sarah Wilson, emigrated to Idaho, US. No known issue.
Hector Cowan 1869-?  emigrated to Idaho, US married Linnie Grace Green. Probably have untraced descendants.

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