General Gazetteer, 1815

This leather bound volume (Brooke’s Gazetteer) today is in poor condition, but this is obviously due to it being heavily used. It has been hand stitched to keep the front and rear cover in place. It is the 16th edition of Brooke’s General Gazeteer, originally published by Richard Brookes (1721 – 1763)

General Gazetteer 1815
Front page and fold-out map of the world. Australia is called “New Holland”.
Brooke’s Gazeteer, belonging to Matthew Anderson

The inside front pages are hand written on. They indicate that Matthew Anderson was in Carshope on March 30th 1826, and at Brize on July 20th 1856. The rear blank pages also contain hand writing but this is very difficult to read.

Front page inscription:
“Matthew Anderson’s Book Cershope March 30th 1826”
Inside front cover inscription at top, used for the header, reads:
Matthew Andersons Book Brize July 20th 1856
Also the name John Anderson can be seen on this page, near the centre at right angles to the other writing, perhaps with the word Carlough below.
Rear inside cover with various handwritten notes
Last page with various handwritten notes

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