Wanless Family

Carolyn’s photos of Auchope and Barrow to be added

Jane Wanless’s father Archibald c1760-1815, a shepherd was born at Auchope near Kirk Yetholm, Scotland within 2 kilometres of the border with England. His daughter Jane was born in 1787 at Barrow, Alwinton, Northumberland about 15 kilometres south of Auchope and in sight of Barrow Mill where Matthew Anderson had been born in 1784. Matthew Anderson and Jane Wanless were married on 28 June 1810 at Alwinton.

The best information on the family is on The Wanless Web a one name study website.

Link to Jane’s father Archibald’s page in The Wanless Web.

John Wanless b 1802 was living at Barrow at the time of 1841 census but emigrated to Canada with his seven offspring soon after his first wife died in 1849.  John Wanless had sufficient wealth as the owner and holder of Barrow to be included in the 1841 poll (voter) book.

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