Archibald & Margaret

Archibald Anderson 1815-1893(?)  and his sister Margaret Anderson 1817-1897 

Archibald Anderson 1815-1893(?)

Archibald Anderson third son of Matthew Anderson 1784-1867 and Jane Wanless 1787-1841 born 9 April 1815 at Lounges Knowe, near Alwinton, Northumberland, England. Apart from a record of his possible death, see below, Archibald and his wife  disappear from the records after bankruptcy proceeding against him in 1878, see below. Archibald married  Jane Patterson  on 30 May 1846 at Glasgow,  Lanarkshire, Scotland though the transcript in gives her name as Jean.  At the time of the 1871 census 60yr old Alexander Patterson, gentleman born in Scotland was living with Archibald and Jane in Newcastle-upon-Tyne.  Note that some websites suggest that Jane’s maiden name was Innert but James Oram in his 1930s family tree gave Archibald’s spouse as Jane Patterson.

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Their only known  offspring, ant the only one noted in James Oram’s 1930s family tree was Matthew Thomas Anderson 1850-? born 17 September 1850 at 13, Marlbro’ Crescent, Westgate, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England. He is included in the Scottish 1881 census when as an out of work Cattle Salesman he is living as a boarder at Lindsay Cottage, in the civil parish of Kilmun and Dunoon. Interestingly a 75 yr old Alexandrina Patterson, born Glasgow is a boarder at the same address.In the 1930s James Oram thought that Matthew had married and had one offspring so he may be Matthew T Anderson who in 1891 was a mercantile clerk living at 29 Kidston St., Glasgow Govan. His spouse was Mercy J  maiden name not known born in England 1859 and they had a daughter AJM Anderson aged 7 years who had been born in Possil Park, Larankshire. Possilpark is to the north of the centre of Glasgow. The marriage between Matthew and Mercy probably took place in 1883.

Archibald signs lease for Hollybrook, County Mayo Ireland:

The first agreement between Patrick Crean and Ephraim and Archibald Anderson for the lease of Hollybrook, Co Mayo, Ireland and associated farmland was dated 30 August 1851. [Carolyn expects to have permission to show transcripts and images of the agreement by August 2016]   As Archibald and his family were living in Marlbro’ Crescent, Westgate, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Northumberland, England at the time of the 1851, 1861 and 1871 English censuses it is reasonable to assume that Archibald did not move to Ireland with his brothers. In 1866 Archibald assigned his portion of the lease to Ephraim.

“Farmer and Cattle Salesman”: bankruptcy in 1878

In 1851, 1861 and 1871 census returns Archibald describes himself as a ‘cattle salesman’  but by 1878 Archibald was a “Farmer and Cattle Salesman” connected to Three Mile Bridge Farm in Gosforth, 4 Km north of the centre of Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Three Mile Bridge Farm was in the area close to, even maybe within the present City of Newcastle  and Gosforth golf courses, but in  the 19th century it would have been better known for its collieries.  By 1878 Archibald has also moved from  Westgate, just to the north west of Newcastle city centre out to South Gosforth and was living at 26, Landsdowne Terrace.

This was obviously a financial disaster as Archibald is declared bankrupt and the family seems to disappear from official records.

Extracts from The London Gazette, click images for source:

Archibald’s funeral? On 29 Aug 1893 Arthur Oram recorded in his diary that he had received a “telegram announcing death of Archibald Anderson”. On 31 August Arthur attended the funeral at Hollybrook, Ephraim Anderson’s home in County Mayo, Ireland where Ephraim had died a month beforehand. Arthur did not specify the graveyard and Archibald’s name is not included on the Anderson headstones at the Church of Ireland graveyard Mayo Abbey.  This is the only mention of an Archibald Anderson in Arthur Oram’s diaries.  Therefore we do not know if the Archibald being interred was the brother of Ephraim or another relation.


  • Where did Archibald, Jane and Matthew go after Archibald’s bankruptcy?
  • When and where did Jane died
  • When and where did Matthew died, and did he marry and have offspring?

Possible scenarios:

  • Archibald and Jane spent the rest of their lives at Hollybrook, but no sign of Jane’s death in the Irish records.
  • Archibald and Jane join the relations in USA where Jane died and Archibald returned to Ireland where he died.

Margaret Anderson 1817-1897

Second or maybe third daughter of Matthew Anderson 1784-1867 and Jane Wanless 1787-1841 born 4 June 1817 at Lounges Knowe, near Alwinton, Northumberland, died at Knockroe, County Mayo, Ireland on 14 December 1897 and buried with her father Matthew, Church of Ireland graveyard Mayo Abbey, Co Mayo, Ireland. No marriage, no issue.

It is not known when she moved to Ireland. In the 1850s she may have lived at Brize with her father Matthew and her eldest brother John and his family.

The family story is that Margaret was the one person who spoilt the happy atmosphere at Knockroe where she lived with John’s widow Margaret, their unmarried daughters and James Cowan.

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