George Anderson 1823-1902

George Anderson, the fourth and youngest son of Matthew Anderson 1784-1867 and Jane Wanless 1787-1840 was born 23 May 1823 at Carshope, near Alwinton, Northumberland, England and baptised at Harbottle on the same day. The family moved further up Upper Coquetdale to Carlecroft where George was living at the time of the 1841 census.

George’s ancestors in Northumberland


George married Catharine (or Catherine) Lamb 1823-1892, though there is no official record of their marriage. According to the 1851 census Catherine was born in Alwinton c1823, so she may have been the female servant shown living in Harbottle near George’s father Matthew in the 1841 census.

George, Catherine and their eldest two children are recorded in the 1851 English census living at Troughend, on the other side of the River Rede from Otterburn, Northumberland. George had followed a number of his Anderson relations, moving south out of the Upper Coquetdale and onto better farmland. At Troughend George farmed 380 acres and employed one man.  Their neighbour was shepherd Simon D Lamb who may have been Catherine’s brother. If the ‘D’ stood for Dodd and they were siblings then Catherine’s parents were probably Thomas Lamb and Catherine Dodd as shown as Simon’s parents in an family tree, that are always to be treated with caution.

To Hollybrook, County Mayo, Ireland

In the early 1850s George moved from Northumberland, England to Hollybrook, Co Mayo, Ireland with his wife Catharine and two offspring – though these two cannot be traced beyond the above 1851 census. See The Anderson move to Ireland page.

For the next twenty years or so George farmed at Hollybrook with his elder brother Ephraim. During this time seven more offspring were born, making a total of nine.

To West Virginia, USA

We do not know why but in 1874 George, Catharine and six youngest offspring emigrated to the USA.  Records in show that they travelled on the SS Ohio from Liverpool arriving in Philadelphia, PA, USA on 25 May 1874.

By the 1880 census Margaret, the eldest born in Ireland had joined the family in West Virginia. In 2015 there was no obvious trace of  eldest two offspring, born in England after the 1851 English census.

It is believed that George’s nephew, Ephraim’s son Matthew 1843-1908  went with them. Later Matthew bought land in Amelia County, Virginia where his descendants still reside.

The gravestone of George and Catherine shows that Catherine died in July 1898 and George in June 1902

I, Carolyn have made no effort to trace George and his descendants beyond the 1880 and in some cases the 1900 US censuses. In 1880 George was described as a shepherd living at Walker, Wood, West Virginia then as ‘retired’ in the 1900 census when he and four of his daughters were living in Parkersburg, WV. Further research and information would be welcomed!


C. Jane born 1850 at Elsdon, Northumberland. Baptism record probably: Kathrine Jane Anderson Baptism Date: 23 Aug 1849; Baptism Place: Presbyterian, Birdhope Craig, Northumberland, England ( 2019 DNA match shows Catherine Jane Anderson died Hancock, WV in 1928 and married by 1880 census

  • +Jacob Benson Van Vlack 1859-1924 blacksmith, born Illinois 1910 [as Van Hack],  Hancock, WV
    • Maria A Van Vlack 1881-
    • Catharine Gilroy Van Vlack 1883- 1975 born Volcano,WA married 1907 in Chester, Hancock WV, died East Liverpool, Columbian,OH
      • + George Milton Woodburn 1886-1964 born and died Columbian,OH
      • offspring DNA match line
    • George T Van Vlack  1886- at Tin Mill
    • Della N Van Vlack  1890- teacher
    • Benson S Van Vlack 1891- at Tin Mill

Matthew born 1851 at Elsdon, Northumberland. Not traced after 1851 UK census, not included in 1880 US census. Birth Date: 27 Nov 1850; Baptism Date: 17 Jan 1851
Baptism Place: Presbyterian, Otterburn, Northumberland, England (
Maggie Anderson born c1855 in Ireland. Not traced after 1880 US census.
Mary Anderson born c1857 in Ireland. Not traced after 1900 US census. Died 1931 unmarried
Jane Anderson born c1858 in Ireland. Not traced after 1900 US census.
Susanna Anderson born c1859 in Ireland. Not traced after 1880 US census.
Thomas Anderson born c1861 in Ireland. Not traced after 1880 US census.
Isabella Anderson born c1864 in Ireland. Died 1950 “Isabella Wilson Anderson”

Elizabeth  Anderson, born 6 February 1865 Claremorris district of Co Mayo, Ireland. Not traced after 1900 US census.

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