Matthew, Jane, Eleanor, John & Hector

In the 1871 census James and Jane Cowan or Cowans were farming in Northumberland, England at Longshaws Farm, Longhorsley near James’ parents at Netherwitton.  Living with them were the youngest five of their six offspring who had all been born in Ireland:

Note that their descendants surnames could be Cowan or Cowans.

Matthew Cowan

Matthew Cowan 1859-1924, a carpenter married Isabella Temple in 1883 in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Isabella died in 1885. Matthew then moved to Putney, London where he married Susan Ann Youles 1866- after 1920 Canadian census and they had a son Robert James.  Matthew moved to Toronto in 1909, but Susan and Robert were still in Putney for the 1911 census, joining Matthew later.

There is a suggestion that Matthew went to Canada and “built bridges”.

James Cowan 1856-1936, the only sibling to remain in Ireland, visiting the Rotherford’s farm in Northumberland
Offspring off John and Jane Rotherford

Jane Cowan 1862-1928 married widower John W Rotherford 1837-1906 in 1887. John Rotherford was a successful farmer at North East Mason Farm near Seaton Burn north of Newcastle upon Tyne.  Their son inherited the farm and their daughter married a farmer. In his diaries Arthur Oram (who married Catherine Anderson) mentions a few visits of John Rotherford to Mayo.  James Cowan may have sent farm stock from Knockroe to John Rotherford’s farm.

Eleanor Oliver nee Cowan

Eleanor Cowan 1864-1940 married gardener Anthony Oliver 1859-1914 in 1886. They and their seven offspring were based at Cresswell on the Nothumberland coast where widow Eleanor was living in 1911. By 1925 their one daughter has died and four of their sons had emigrated to Oregon, Idaho and Toronto.  In 1925 Eleanor and her two youngest sons joined son William in Toronto as immigrants. There are probably descendants of Eleanor and Anthony living in North America.

John Cowan

John Cowan c1866-1927, a cattle stockman emigrated to Idaho in 1888 where he married English born Sarah Wilson 1879-after 1940. No known issue.

William Hector Cowan 1873-1936, farmer emigrated to Idaho in 1898 where he married Linnie Grace Green 1895-1939 , born in Utah. They had at least four offspring and probably have descendants living in North America.

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