Matthew 1739-1805

Matthew 1739-1805 moved south about 8 miles away across a desolate moorland to Elsdon – Otterburn area in Redesdale.  This was a move into a better, more open farming area.

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  • + Eleanor Hunter of Hilllocks, Elsdon.

To add later …….In addition the descendants of Ephraim Anderson 1819-1893 and Mary Ann Anderson 1825-1890 have an extra link back to John and Isabel via their eldest  son Matthew. Matthew born c.1738 at Clennell Mill married  Eleanore Hunter of Hillocks in Redesdale.  Matthew and Eleanore and their family lived at Shittleheugh in Redesdale. Redesdale is a more fertile area than Upper Coquetdale around Alwinton. During the next few generations other members of  the family also made the 10Km or so move south to Redesdale including Ephraim born 1781 who farmed at Silloans. There are direct descendants of John and Isabel still living, some as farmers in Redesdale. 
Their son John b 1743 (our direct ancestor) took over Barrow Mill but their other son Mathew b 1739 
See Mary Ann Anderson page for her link with Matthew born c.1738 at Clennell Mill.