Maude Losey’s Family

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The parents of Maude Oram nee Losey were William Frederick Losey 1843-1885, who fought in the American Civil War and Sarah Catherine “Kate” Calyer 1845-1942.

William’s gravestone at Brookmere Cemetery, Cleveland

William Losey, his early life and his parents Decay Losey and Melvina Lockwood

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William Frederick Losey 1843-1885, his early life and his parents Decay Losey 1814-c1890 and Amanda Malvina Lockwood 1818-1898

Research With a lot of help from William Losey’s early life and family can be traced through the 1850 and 1860 US census records.  There are undated graves associated with William’s grave that are explained by his mother Malvina’s will which is also very helpful as the beneficiaries include her granddaughter Maude who married Oscar Oram. Malvina’s father was Levi Lockwood and his will gives us more insights into the family.

1850 and 1860 census During the 1850 and 1860 censuses the family lived Brooklyn, Cuyahoga Co. OH. Parents Decay (or Decoy) b1814 and Malvina (or Melvina) b1818 both born in NY State. Their offspring, all born in Ohio were William b1843, Helen (or Hellen) b.1845 and a child born 1847 called Lamison in 1850 then Townsend in 1860.  In 1850 Decay was a farmer, then in 1860 a labourer and is included in the available 1819-1869 taxpayers lists for Brooklyn from 1849.  In 1870 Decay, Melvina and Helen were still living together in Brooklyn, while William who was married to Kate was living elsewhere in Brooklyn.

Decay Losey and Malvina Lockwood were married in Cuyahoga Co. OH on 21 April 1842.

No further records have been found for Townsend. Lamison was probably Tamison who, like her brother William married a member of the Calyer family, see below. There is a question about Tamison and Townsend in the 1850 and 1860 censuses.  Were they twins? Why was a 3 year old missed from the 1850 census? Where was Tamison in the 1860 census? Was there a mistake made by the official when completing the census forms? Was Decay’s first name Townsend?  Did Townsend b.1847 exist but was killed in the Civil War?

It is said that most US Loseys can trace their ancestors back to immigrants from The Netherlands who arrived in New York, then New Amsterdam in the 1650’s. Unfortunately in early 2016 we have been unable to find the names of Decay’s parents.

Will of A Malvina Losey first part:

Know All Men by These Presents, That I, A. Malvina Losey, of South Brooklyn Village, Cuyahoga County and State of Ohio being of a sound and disposing mind, do hereby and hereon, make my last will and testament, as follows, to wit:

I give and bequeath all my personal property of whatever kind (money excepted) to my daughter Helen Hodgman. With the money I have in bank I want all my debts and expenses paid. Also I want three suitable stone markers should be purchases and erected as follows to wit. One to be marked A.M.Losey and placed on my grave one to be marked T.D.Losey and placed at my husband’s grave, and the other to be marked T.D.L.Lockwood and placed at my brother Durell’s grave.

Comment on first part of Malvina’s will: The Losey and Lockwood family grave lots are numbers 326 and 327 at Brookmere Cemetery, 3615 Broadview Road, Cleveland.

The family graves in findagrave: Quote  from Earl Rohde findagrave website contributor: “Amos and Helen are buried in the same grave, Helen is on top,when looking for Helen Losey Hodgman I found her at rest next to Amanda Losey, next to her is T.D. Losey then William Losey a civil war vet., thank you sir for your service.”  

The Brookmere register records Malvina as “Amanda M Losey”.  Unfortunately were are not enlightened about Decay’s first name starting with a T. The only suggestion is that it maybe Townsend, as that is the name of their son in the 1860 census, see above.

The stone marking the grave of DT Lockwood (not TDL Lockwood as in the will) is in the photo at the base of the tree, near the graves of SS Lockwood and Levi Lockwood and the tall broken memorial lying on the ground is to Levi’s wife Tamison who died in 1850. This photo was taken in 2004 before Tamison’s stone was broken. See .

A transcription of the will of  Levi Lockwood is available on in which he left his property on Mechanics Street, Brooklyn to his daughter Amanda Malvina wife of Decay Losey. This explains why “Amanda Losey” was as a taxpayer in the mid 1850s with a property in Mechanics Street, Brooklyn.  Was this the property that Losey family were living in? The will also tells us that in 1853 Levi was 72 years old and his offspring were:

        • Amanda Malvina  wife of Decay Losey
        • Samuel S Lockwood, who had died leaving widow Emily – no grave found
        • Ithiel J Lockwood Riverside grave 1899 no photo Ithiel also paid taxes on property in Mechanics Street. CHECK!
        • Salomon S Lockwood Possible grave … but likely to be another Solomon Lockwood
        • Lorenzo Lockwood
        • Ira H Lockwood, who in the 1850 census was with Levi and Taminson. Riverside Grave 1823-1910 “Ira Hawley Lockwood”  Ira became an ‘oil producer’ and died in PA. On his death certificate he gives his parents names as Levi Lockwood and Tamison Stone.Worth looking up obituary: Lockwood, Ira, d.1910 Name Lockwood, Ira, d.1910.Birth Date:Death Date:January 12, 1910Last residence: Perry, Ohio.Age: 75Gender: MObituaryObituary: Telegraph Date: January 18,1910 pg.3ObituaryObituary: Telegraph Date: January 13,1910 pg.1
      • Durell T Lockwood,  name spelt Farrell in the 1850 census when he was with Levi and Taminson. Later Cleveland directories show Durell and Solomon
      • Matta Harriet the wife of Lewis K Wright

In 1850 Levi was a landlord of a hostelry in Brooklyn, both he and Tamison (spelt Lamison) had been born in Connecticut.

We can take the tree further back as the Connecticut registers have been well documented. The website suggests  that Levi, son of Nathaniel and Annie Lockwood was born 24 Apr 1781 at  Litchfield, New Milford, CT and Tainmisin Stone daughter of Reuben Stone and Deborah nee Comstock was born in 20 Mar 1787, also in New Milford.

In 2016 no further records of the birth or death of Decay and Melvina had been found.

Malvina’s daughter Helen 1847-1911 married Amos Hodgson 1847-1899 who was a Civil War veteran but does not have a gravestone like William’s. As the lot photo shows they are both in an unmarked grave next to Malvina. Helen’s death record gives her full name as Hellen Finette Hodgman.  Amos was the son of Amos Hodgson, owner-farmer of Parma, Cleveland and his wife Charlotte nee Mosley.

Will of A Malvina Losey second part

After this is all done and there should be any money left I will the balance as follows to wit:

One third of it I give to my daughter Helen Hodgman, one third to my grandchildren in Cleveland O names Fred Losey, Bell Losey, Maud Losey and Clyde Losey and the remaining third to my grandchildren in Florida named Charles Calyer, Mrs May Ellis, Cassie Calyer, Will Calyer, Jenny Calyer and Helen Calyer.

Witness my hand and seal this 25th day of September 1897

Comment on second part of Malvina’s will: The will was signed by Malvina Losey and witnessed by Anna E Treat and Wm Treat. Malvina died 16 May 1898.

There were two marriages between the Losey and Calyer families. William and Tamison Losey were siblings as were Charles and Kate Calyer, so making sense of the surnames of Malvina’s grandchildren:

  • Charles Calyer b1841 married Tamison Losey b1846 in 1867. At the time of the 1880 census they were living with five offspring in Kansas before moving to Florida.
  • William Losey married Kate Calyer in 1868.

William Losey: Civil War Veteran

William Losey’s record in the Official Roster of the Soldiers of the State of Ohio shows that he enlisted on 27 July 1862 and joined Company A, Ohio 124th Infantry Regiment on 12 Sep 1862 as a private. The record notes that he was taken as a prisoner of war and was mustered out on 16 Jun 1865 at Camp Chase, OH.

Thought on Decay … it is a surname aslo see below, but Squire T. DeCay Losey, b. 1802 ould not be Decay’s father.
James Losey (son of Abraham Losey) was born January 1, 1765 in New Jersey, and died June 9, 1816 in Ovid, Seneca Co. New York.He married Jane on WFT Est. 1777-1806.
More About James Losey and Jane:
Marriage: WFT Est. 1777-1806
Children of James Losey and Jane are:
+James Losey, b. Abt. 1796, New Jersey, d. March 1, 1847, Covert, Seneca Co. New York.
William Losey, b. 1792, d. WFT Est. 1793-1882.
Joseph Losey, b. 1794, d. WFT Est. 1795-1884.
Hannah Losey, b. 1796, d. WFT Est. 1810-1890.
Charles Losey, b. 1798, d. WFT Est. 1815-1888.
Squire T. DeCay Losey, b. 1802, d. WFT Est. 1819-1892.
Anna Losey, b. 1804, d. WFT Est. 1805-1898.
Emeline Losey, b. 1806, d. WFT Est. 1820-1900.
Sarah Losey, b. 1808, d. WFT Est. 1822-1902.


William Losey: Civil War Veteran

William Losey’s record in the Official Roster of the Soldiers of the State of Ohio shows that he enlisted on 27 July 1862 and joined Company A, Ohio 124th Infantry Regiment on 12 Sep 1862 as a private. The record notes that he was taken as a prisoner of war and was mustered out on 16 Jun 1865 at Camp Chase, OH.

William and Kate: marriage and 1870 census

Three years after wounded William had been mustered out of the army, in November 1868 William Losey and Kate Calyer were married in Cuyahoga Co, Ohio. At the time of the 1870 census the couple are living in Brooklyn, Cuyahoga Co. with 9 month old Frederick. William is working at the sawmill and Catharine [Kate] is ‘keeping house’.  With them is the house owner 48 year old English born Lydia W Cayler and the household also includes 19 year old Jane Cayler.

Research into the life of Kate’s mother Lydia W Calyer and her parents unearthed an interesting story see James and Lydia Calyer page.

Death of William

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Kate’s long widowhood

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Kate Calyer, her early life and her parents James Calyer and Lydia Wilson James

The parents of  Sarah Catherine “Kate” Losey nee Calyer 1845-1942 were James Calyer 1815-1852 and Lydia Wilson James 1825-1901

James Calyer gave New York State as his birthplace in the 1850 census.

In there is the will and probate documents of Charles Calyer, farmer who died in New Windsor, Orange County, NY in 1835. His widow was Catharine and their offspring Margaret, Henry, Sarah, Peter, Charles, Daniel and James. There is a note that in 1835 James was living in New York City.

There are only two not very good reasons to suggest that this James is an ancestor. Firstly, that a directory shows bookbinder named James Calyer living in Queens, New York in 1835 and James was later a printer. Secondly James’ children Charles and Daniel had the same name as his siblings.

If this link could be proved then James parents grave can be seen and we can trace his ancestors back into the 1700s:

On there are applications from two of Charles and Catherine’s great grandsons to be included in the “Sons of the American Revolution”. The applications include direct ancestors:

  • Charles Calyer 1761-1835 (probate mentioned above) who in 1792 married Catharine Shute 1773-1851
  • Peter Calyer (Colyer) 1740-1804,  a 2nd Lieut. in Kings County, New York Militia, who married Margaret Debevoise 1738-1810
  • Jacobus Calyer ?-1776 who married Jannetye Meserole 1722-?

The Calyer family are mentioned in “Register in alphabetical order, of the early settlers of Kings County, Long Island, NY see

Lydia Wilson James and her parents

When Lydia died the newspaper announcement gave her name as “Calyer-Mrs. Lydia James” and when her daughter Kate Losey died in 1945 it was recorded that her mother’s maiden name was James.  In all census returns Lydia stated that she was born in England. Using this information in we are lucky to find:

  • Lydia Wilson James was baptised on 29 Feb 1820 at Corby, Lincoln, England. Her father was James Edward James and mother Lydia. Therefore Lydia could have been born in late 1819
  • A Trans-Atlantic passenger list farmer James E. James, his wife Lydia and 5 year old daughter, name indecipherable and 3 year old Lydia travelling on SS Meteor from Liverpool arriving New York 21 August 1822.

When James James died in early 1846 he was not solvent and administration was given to his son-in-law James Calyer. Eventually estate had a shortfall of $376.96 and the creditors received about 27c for every $ owed. All his possessions, including a house were sold but the following were “sent off to a minor child of J.E.James deceased. All the school books belonging to the family; 1 Bed and Bedding; 1 Cook stove and furniture; 1 Parlor stove; 6 Chairs, 1 Table, 6 knives, 6 forks, 12 spoons; 6 cups and saucers, 1 large dish, 1 milk pot and 1 tea pot.”  This ‘minor child’ may have been one of James and Lydia Calyer’s offspring. There is no mention of a widow of James James so his wife Lydia must have predeceased him.

In the accounts is the entry “By cash collected of the church, balance of salary” and others indicating that James James worked at Ist Presbyterian Church and the house he owned was on the west side of Ontario Street near the church.  The outstanding bills included books and The Plain Dealer so he was probably an assistant to pastor Samuel Aiken who was at the church from 1834 to 1861.

This church is of historical importance, and the second building on the site, erected during the 1850s is still a landmark on Public Square, Cleveland. Image of first church included in:

There are many more references to the church on the internet including this extract from:

 About 1830 the site was purchased for $400.00 with the gifts of ten early settlers. There is no record of any use of this site (for building purposes) prior to 1832, when the first church building (55′ x 80′) was erected. This original gray sandstone structure had Tuscan pilasters. It was the first stone building used exclusively as a church in Cleveland. Eventually it was known as “The Stone Church,” and later “The Old Stone Church” as the sandstone darkened. The popular appellation was later transferred to the new sanctuary, which was erected on the same site in 1854.

Just before James E. James death two significant events were held at the church:

1843: Cleveland’s first medical school organized in the church parlors by Dr. John Delamater, and first classes were held there.
1844: The Western Convention of Presbyterian and Congregational ministers met at The Old Stone Church. Eleven states sent 300 representatives. They appealed for church unity and condemned slavery.

James Calyer and Lydia Wilson James

We do not know where and when James and Lydia were married as their first official record as a family is in the 1850 census. Then James Calyer and Lydia were living on Chestnut Street, near intersection with Erie, Cleveland Ward 2 with Charles b1841, Lydia b1843, Catharine “Kate” b1845 and Daniel b1849.  James was a printer, born in New York State owing real estate. Other records show that they had a son Frederick 1846-47 and Jane b1851.

James was sufficiently well off to pay taxes and in 1849 was a councilman representing the Second Ward of the City of Cleveland.

Death of James Calyer

James died in 1852, leaving Lydia with 5 children aged 1 to 11 years old. There are guardianship papers showing that Lydia did not cooperated  with the authorities.  In these papers Lydia’s daughter Kate, later Kate Losey is named in various variations of Sarah Catherine Calyer.

On the 8 March 1856 Lydia received a summons, delivered by the sheriff of Cuyahoga County to appear before the Probate Court on 14 March 1856 with the threat that if she did not administration of James Calyer’s estate would be given to ‘some other persons’. Eventually, nearly ten years later an action was taken out in the name of her children Daniel, then 16 years old and Jane then 14 years old and the property on Chestnut Street was advertised for sale “appraised at $2,200”.  The advertisement in the Cleveland Plain Dealer began “Guardian Sale – in pursuance of an order of the Probate Court …”. Despite carefully reading the guardianship papers accessible through we cannot tell if Lydia or the authorities were acting in the best interest of her offspring.

The next record for Lydia is the 1870 census when she is living with her daughter Kate, then wife of William Losey, their young son and her own daughter Jane. [It is Lydia who owns their home? or ref to 49, Seneca (now 3rd) see below?] St. Lydia continued to live with Kate and her family until her death on 31 January 1901.

In the 1874 Cleveland directory:

Calyer Lydia W wid. James, boarding house 49, Seneca CHECK Lockwood pub address.

Lydia’s death: newpaper announcement Date of announcement: February 2, 1901
Calyer-Mrs. Lydia James, Thursday, January 31, age 82 years and 11 months. Funeral Saturday, Feb. 2, standard from residence of her daughter, Mrs. Kate Losey, 589 Sibley st. Burial private. New York papers please copy.

Burial of Lydia and James Calyer: shows that James Calyer 1812-1852 , Lydia Calyer 1819-1901 and their son Frederick 1846-47 are buried in Erie Street Cemetery, Cleveland, Section 4 Lot 56 Grave 4.


Carolyn’s notes …needs writing up and checking!
Siblings: Fred W. Losey 1869-1924, Belle Losey 1873-? and Cylde Losey 1881-? and two unnamed children born 1876 and 1880
Name Kate Losey
Event Type Death
Event Date 28 Oct 1942
Event Place Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co., Ohio
Address 1886 East 86th.
Gender Female
Age 97
Marital Status Widowed
Race White
Occupation None
Birth Date 13 Apr 1845
Birthplace Cleveland, Ohio
Birth Year (Estimated) 1845
Burial Date 31 Oct 1942
Cemetery Acasia Pak.
Father’s Name James Calyer
Father’s Birthplace England
Mother’s Name Lidia James
Mother’s Birthplace England
Spouse’s Name William F. Losey

William Losey married Kate Calyer (b. Apr 1846) in 1868 (see certificate below).


His gravestone

They had 4 offspring:

  • Frederick W. Losey (b. Aug 1869)
  • Belle Losey (b. Jan 1873)
  • Maude Losey (b Mar 1877)
  • Clyde Losey (b. Oct 1881)


  • Frederick W. Losey Married Anna Grace Losey (nee ??), in 1897 (see certificate below)
  • Maude Losey, Married Oscar S T Oram 9 Jul 1903, for further events in this family please follow the link from Maude or Oscars pages.
  • Clyde Losey, Married in 1909 (see certificate below)
  • Belle Losey, Married in 1910 (see certificate below)
  • Anna Grace Losey, Died Jan 1924 (see notes below)
  • Frederick W. Losey, Died May 1924 (see notes below)
  • Kate Calyer, Died ~1943 at the age of 97  (see notes below)

As backup documents we have below:

  • 1850 Census : Calyer Family
  • 1870 Census : Losey Family
  • 1900 Census : Losey Family

Wm Losey to Kate Calyer Marriage 1868

Census 1850: Calyer Family

1870 Census Losey Family, Page 1 of 2

1870 Census, Losey Family page 2 of 2

Fred Losey Marriage, 1897

Clyde Losey Marriage, 1909

1900 Census, Losey Family page 1 of 2

1900 Census, Losey Family page 2 of 2

Belle Losey, Marriage 1910

Notes on death of Kate Calyer (b. Apr 1846):
Id#: 0209856
Name: Losey, Mrs. Kate
Date: Oct 30 ?
Source: Source unknown;  Cleveland Necrology File, Reel #051.
Notes: Losey: Mrs. Kate, beloved mother of Fred, F. Losey (deceased), Clyde F. Losey, Mrs. Maude Oram and Mrs. Belle Lee of Detroit, grandmother of John S. Oram and Mrs. Kathryne Diss, Lyman F. Losey of Akron and Gaynell Christianson; passed away Wednesday, Oct. 28, 10 p. m., at age of 97. Services at Abel’s Funeral Home, 15333 Euclid ave., near Shaw, Saturday, Oct. 31, at 2:30 p. m.

Id#: 0209855
Name: Losey, Frederick W.
Date: May 13, 1924
Source: Source unknown; Cleveland Necrology File, Reel #051.
Notes: Losey-Frederick W., age 55, husband of the late Grace Anna, father of Mrs. Gaynell Christiansen and Lyman F., brother of Mrs. Harry H. Leo, Mrs. Oscar T. Oram and Clyde F. Losey. Funeral Tuesday, May 13, at 2 p.m., from his late residence, 1334 Park row, Lakewood. Interment Lakewood park cemetery.

Id#: 0209854
Name: Losey, Anna Grace
Date: Jan. 18, 1924
Source: Source unknown; Cleveland Necrology File, Reel #051.
Notes: Losey-Anna Grace, beloved wife of Fred W., and mother of Lyman F. and Gaynelle W., sister of Cora H. Hutchins, Ella Andrews, Alta E. Kelly, Sarah E. Clarke, Gertrude White and Marion Harrioson, died Friday, January 18, at 2:05 p. m. Funeral services to be held from the home of her daughter, Mrs. L. H. Christiansen, 1887 Lampson road, at 1:30 p. m. Monday, Jan. 21.

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