‘Bancroft Russells’

Prior to the 1901 census GWR and his family moved from 74, Bancroft to ‘Highbury Lodge’ and HWWR moved to 74, Bancroft. From then onwards the two lines were called the “Highbury Russells” and the “Bancroft Russells”.

Henry William Wagstaff Russell 1857-1930 and his descendants:

The “Bancroft Russells” summer 1926

Ted, May, Harry, Margaret, Ben (Legg), Percy
Bernard, Win and Audrey, Dot, HWW, Cis, Nettie, Aubrey
Alan, Nan, Dorothy (Legg)

Henry William Wagstaff “HWW” Russell 1857-1930 m Florence Helen Jelly 1860-1918

Offspring: Henry William Wagstaff “Harry” Russell 1880-1956; Percy George Russell 1882-1958; Cicely May “Cis” Russell 1884-?; Eardley Edward “Ted” Russell 1887-?; William Clarence Aubrey Russell 1890-1966; Bernard Oswald Russell 1892-1963; Eleanor Dorothy “Dot” Russell 1896-1985; 

Spouses and offspring in photograph: Spouses: Margaret M Thompson m Harry; Benjamin “Ben” Legg m Cicely May; Winifred Alice “Win” Seager m Bernard and Offspring: Percy’s: Alan Jordan Russell and Nancy Jordan “Nan” Russell; Aubrey’s: Audrey Russell.

Carolyn confused:   Who are Nettie and May? is Nettie Percy’s wife Ann Janet Jordan? If so couples are close to each other in the photo; so it looks as is May had a connection to Ted, who did not marry.

Harry’s son Tony born 1927 after photo.

Source: John Russell

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