Throssell Family

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DNA Link to Clarice Artis  Generation

  1. Mother Alice Mary Throssell 1892-1973. Birthplace not given, died Balarat, Vict. Aust.
  2. Henry Throssell 1860-1924 born Pirton, married and died Vict, Aust.

Above in Clarice’s tree on ancestry

  1. Henry probably baptised 27 Aug 1862 at Pirton so Charles Throssell 1821- and Lydia nee Furr ?1821-  if so married Pirton 12 Nov 1846.
  2. 1871 with parents at Live and Let Live, father Publican, Baker and Grocer and siblings Elizabeth 1849-,  Caroline 1850-, Charles 1856-, Frederick 1858-, Henry and parents’s grandchild Sarah Throssell 1870-
  3. Going back to Charles and Lydia in 1851 includes daughter Ann Furr [sic] 1845- and James 1847- and Eliz and Caroline as in 1871.
  4. Charles baptised 22 Oct 1820 at Pirton parents:  John Throssell 1790- (CJO suggests 1783-1842 is the date on our Oram-Russell tree) and Sarah Kingsley 1794- (CJO suggests 1790-1872 is the date on our Oram-Russell tree)  who married 22 Feb 1810  also had children John 1810-  (CJO suggests birth date on our Oram-Russell tree : 1811 is perhaps wrong) Samuel 1818- William, Mary Kingsley Trossell, Thomas, George, Eliza 1836- m Edmund Lake

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