GWR’s deed box


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GWR was  shrewd property investor and acquired a significant portifolio of houses and properties in Hitchin. This deed box probably held the papers for:

NB The houses in Bancroft have been renumbered (when??) 

12 Radcliffe Road, his parents house and childhood home after the family moved from Back Street where they were living at the time of the 1861 census.

74 Bancroft, last house on the right as one goes away from the Market Place, before the Almshouses.

  • c.1889 the Whiting family swapped houses with GWR and moved to 54 Whinbush Road. GWR and his family lived at 74 Bancroft until he bought (or had built??) Highbury Lodge, so becoming the “Highbury Russells”. His brother William and his family moved into 74 Bancroft so becoming the “Bancroft Russells”. (Source: John Russell). 1901 census HWWR at 74, Bancroft and address on probate record when HWWR died in 1930.
  • Philip’s story of bricks with GWR’s children initials in archway…

Need to check which house was Daphne and Philip first home [from GHR & May’s marriage (?)] until they moved to 91 Bancroft c 1935 (persumably already owned by GWR?) Previous tenant called Baker.  Building would have been owned by Throssells as Philip remembers seeing the name written on the lead in the attic.

1871 census shows John Throssell and family, including Rosa Kate later wife of GWR living in Bancroft, no house number given.

The 1926 and 1929 Kelly’s directories show architect GHR living at 66 Bancroft and GWR & Son’s offices at 74, Bancroft.

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