Gregory family

Jacob Russell’s parents were William Russell c1734-1820 and Hannah Maria Gregory c1750-1808 who were married in Shefford in the parish of Campton . Their entry in the local parish register is ‘Wm Russell’ married ‘An My Gregory’ on 24 September 1775.

So far, May 2015 Carolyn has not traced our Gregory ancestors through parish registers but after looking through the Bedfordshire Poor Law index images of the following two documents were bought:

The historical background to this is Poor Law Act of 1601 and the ensuing Settlement Act of 1662.  See various on-line articles including in the Victorian Web.

This removal Order for pauper Benjamin Gregory to be removed from Potton to Haynes may or may not refer to one of our relations:

Earlier, in 1765 Richard Gregory was being examined by the Poor Law overseers of Shefford in the hope of persuading them to let Shefford be his ‘place of settlement’. Richard says that he was born in Shillington and his father was William Gregory.  He lists the many jobs that he has had. Haynes is mentioned. Transcription to follow sometime!!

IMAGES 496A, 496B

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