Kingsley Family

Our  Kingsley ancestors came from Pirton near Hitchin and it is generally agreed that we are  descended from John Kingsley and Mary Furrian who were married there in 1780. In 2017  a link  to Mary Furrian only was confirmed by DNA tests with many ‘matches’.  See  The Kingsley family prior to 1780 for my comments on this as it throws into doubt the earlier Kingsley family trees normally cited on the web.

Luckily John’s will has survived showing that he was a yeoman farmer owing property as well as giving an immediate double check on the names of their offspring. See Kingsley-Furrian marriage 1780, Pirton

Keep for now:

Pm John and Mary Furrian 1780
Pb John so John and Mary 1781
Pb George so John and Mary 1782
Pb James so John and Mary 1784
Pb Mary do John and Mary 1786
Pb Thomas Furrian so John and Mary b1787 bpt1789
Pb William so John and Mary 1789
Pb Sarah do John and Mary b1790 bpt 1793
Pb Frances do John and Mary b1792 bpt 1793
Pb Charles so John and Mary b1793 bpt 1795
Pm Elizabeth Kingsley and William Marlow 1794
Pb John so Edward and Ann 1795
Pb Charotte do John and Mary b1797 bpt 1802
Pb Sarah do Edward and Ann 1798
Pb James so James and Ann 1799

Pb Jesse so John and Mary b1799 bpt 1802

Pb George so Richard and Hannah 1800

PbNonConf Elizabeth do Thomas and Elizabeth 1812