+ Marie Masche 1882 – 1942

Born: Ohio, USA 13 Feb 1882

Parents : Joseph Masche ?-? and  Marie c1844-c1935

Siblings: No information

Married: William Clark 1862-1943 on 10 Aug 1917  at Cleveland, Ohio USA; no marriage certificate available

Lived in: Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Died: 6 May 1942  at Cleveland, Ohio, USA and was buried on 9 May 1942 in Knollwood Cemetery


In 2012 the first record we have for Marie and her family was in the 1920 census after her marriage to William.  This is odd as Marie’s widowed mother stated that she had arrived in the USA from Prague in 1867 and was naturalised in 1887, though she changed the dates slightly for the 1930 census.   In the 1930 census people were asked to give the age at which they were first married.  Marie’s mother said she was 21 years old , that is in 1879.

Despite this information, but maybe because of the way Masche was spelt by census enumerators and officials we cannot trace the family between Joseph and Marie senior’s arrival in the USA and Marie’s marriage to William.  Neither can we find references to Marie’s mother ‘s death or view a marriage certificate for William and Marie.  It is from Marie’s death record that we know her date of birth and that her father was  Joseph Masche.  Joseph’s place of birth was given as Austria, but in the censuses Marie always gave Prague that was in the Austro-Hungarian Empire in the nineteenth century but is now the capital of the Czech Republic.

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