Melanie S Deem 1953-

Born: c1953



Married: 1. not traced

2. Charles K Deem 1951- , his second marriage; married 14 June 1980 at Richland, Co Crawford, OH; divorced decree dated 6 Apr 1992

3. John Samuel “Sammy” Oram III 1931-1995 29 Oct 1993 in Crawford Co, OH

Offspring: none known. None in marriage to Charles K Deem


When Melanie married Charles K Keem her name was recorded as Melanie S West.  Was this her maiden or first married name?

Both Melaine and Charles Deem were living in  Galion, Crawford, OH at the time of their divorce. In official record of their divorce both had been married twice and they had no minors.

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