Losey Family

Connection to John Samuel “BaBa” Oram 1847-1913: Maude Verne Losey married John Samuel Oram’s son Oscar T Oram

The Losey siblings:

Their parents and ancestors:

Father William Frederick Losey 1843-1885

William Frederick Losey 1843-1885, his early life and his parents Decay Losey 1814-c1890 and Amanda Malvina Lockwood 1818-1898

Paternal grandfather Decay Losey 1814-1890

Decay’s parents have not been traced Losey notes

Paternal grandmother Amanda Malvina Lockwood 1818-1898

Amanda Malvina’s parents Levi Lockwood 1814-1890 and Tamison Stone ?-1850

Amanda Malvina Losey and Levi Lockwood: Two wills giving more information about the families

Mother Sarah Catharine “Kate” Calyer 1845-1942

Kate Calyer 1845-1942, her early life and her parents James Calyer 1815-1852 and Lydia Wilson James 1820-1901 including a probate/custody story

Maternal grandfather James Calyer 1815-1852

James’ parents may have been Charles Calyer ?-1835 and Catharine

James Cayler’s early life and ancestors

Maternal grandmother Lydia Wilson James 1820-1901

Lydia’s  parents James E James ?-1846 and Lydia

James Family including a probate story and a connection to Cleveland’s “The Old Stone Church”

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