John Samuel “Sammy” Oram III 1931 – 1995

Born: 15 January 1931 Cook, IL

Parents: John Samuel Oram II 1903-1959 and Margaret “Stubby” Campion 1905-1960

Siblings: Kathryne Belle Oram 1906-1988

Married: 1. Patricia Louise Krupyak 1942-1990 in 1966

2. Melaine S Deem 1953- on 29 October 1993 in Crawford Co OH

Offspring: Tara Elizabeth “TOE” Oram 1969-

Died: 5 November 1995 at Mansfield, Richland, OH


From Ellen: “my Cousin, John Samuel (“Sammy”) Oram, who passed away with no children. Being childless was attributed to his being struck by lightning at age 17. He was drafted into the Army and was in the 82nd Airborne as a parachuter.”


Ellen’s family had moved away from Cleveland about the time of TOE’s birth and did not know of her existence until 2015. So the lighting had not had a long term effect!

Official death record says that Sammy worked in the ‘motor vehicle dealers’ sector.

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