Clark Emigration to the USA

First page of the passenger list  for  ship “David”  that took Gilbert, Jane, and William from Liverpool to Portland, Maine, USA.  Note  the arrival date is 20 Dec 1864 which is consistent with John Oram’s diary date of 22 Nov 1864 for leaving Ireland.

Gilbert, Jane, and William listed on the last of 5 pages of passengers on ‘David’. This shows their ages as 42, 51, and 6 respectively. Elsewhere William was always born in 1862, so he was 2 rather than 6 years old.  Perhaps we should blame a harassed clerk at Liverpool.

Record of some of the passengers  who travelled in steerage class on ‘Britannia’ from Glasgow to New York, USA  arriving 20 May 1865.  Three quarters of the way down the list there is 20 year old Jane Clark who is travelling alone.  This is very likely to be Jane, daughter of Gilbert and Jane who crossed the Atlantic in late 1864.

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