Map of the West of Ireland where Gilbert Clark was a stockman

Burrishoole House or Lodge
Lodge built by Captain Wyndham. The foundation stone was laid on 25 June 1860, the day Gilbert arrived.
Burrishoole Farmhouse
Site of the farmhouse and farm buildings built for John Oram when he first went to Burrishoole. Home to the Oram family.
The townland John Oram was referring to in “Gilbert Clarke came to Derradda”. Also where John Samuel Oram went to the Protestant School in 1857 when he was 10 years old, no doubt until he left for Sw…
The local town where Gilbert would have bought and sold cattle and sheep at auction and bought agricultural supplies.
A large town and home to The Marquis of Sligo who history has portrayed as a harsh landlord. Larger cattle and sheep auctions than at Newport.
Westport Quay
A passenger and commercial port. Passengers went out to large ships in a small boat called “The Hooker”. John Samuel Oram left here on his journey to New York in 1867.
John Oram rented land for his sheep in this area at a place referred to as ‘Mountain’. Captain Wyndham own land at nearby Murrevagh and Mallaranny.
A town that would have had cattle auctions.
Croagh Patrick
Mountain dominating the southern skyline of Clew Bay. A site of pilgrimage for many centuries.
Salmon Leap
John Oram took an interest in the fisheries along the coast and help to improve salmon fishing in Lough Feeagh.
Burrishoole Abbey
Burrishoole Friary founded 1470, now normally referred to as Burrishoole Abbey.
Rockfleet or Carraigahowley Castle
Built in the mid sixteenth century it is associated with Gráinne O’Malley, the pirate queen and chieftain of the clan O’Malley.
Wilford Lodge
Site of the house where John’s son Arthur lived 1880s to 1919

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