+ Ray Bradshaw Watters 1892 – 1961

Born: Jan 1892 at San Francisco, California, USA

Parents: Rama R Watters and Adelaide Akers

Married: Nathalie Jane Oram 1893-1973 on 3 Oct 1919 at Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Lived in: Akron, Ohio, USA from the age of 8 years.

Offspring: Two sons

Died: 15 Sept 1961 in Akron, Ohio, USA


Ray B Watters  was in the Freshman class of Buohtel College in 1911-1912 and in 1915 a Literary Senior  at the University of Michigan at Ann Arbour.

In 1919, when Ray married Nathalie he was an attorney in Akron, Ohio. From 1937 to 1961 Ray B. Watters was a Judge in Akron, Ohio at the Summit County Common Pleas Court.

We would be delighted if any descendants of Ray and Nathalie would make contact with us.

Ray Watters - Nathalie J. Oram Marriage License

Ray Watters – Nathalie J. Oram Marriage License

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