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Research by Chris & Carolyn 2012:

Two Durgetto sisters married into the Oram and Clark families in Cleveland Ohio in the late 1800s. Anna married William Clark and Josephine married Arthur Oram.

We have traced the Durgetto family back to Frank Joseph Durgetto, born c.1820 in France, probably in the Alsace-Lorraine region and Gottliebe Weller who was born in 1831 in Germany. On 20 February 1855 the couple were married in the Seneca County of Ohio. Gottliebe arrived in the USA in 1853 but had not been naturalized by 1900.

The next record for Joseph is in 1863 when his entry in the Cleveland directory shows that he was a gardener living on Superior near Wilson Avenue. At the time of the 1870 census Joseph and Gottliebe are living at 1073 or 1083 Superior with seven of their eight offspring, the eighth Josephine being born the next year in 1871.

By 1876 Joseph had changed his occupation and become a florist living and working at 1083 Superior. In that directory Joseph referred to himself as ‘F Joseph’ while his son Joseph, a painter Cleveland Bridge and Car Works was referred to as Joseph.

The 1880 census shows that Joseph senior had left his family and Gottliebe, a divorcee, is the florist at 1083 Superior with seven of their offspring, Joseph the eldest son having left home. There is no further obvious trace of father Joseph.

At the 1900 census widow Gottliebe was living with her two single offspring Albert and Mary (wrong birth year given) at 15 Haff St near Kindsvater. This would have been close to Dana Street where two of Gottliebe’s daughters were living: Anna and her husband William Clark with their fifteen year old son Arvin and Josephine with her daughter Natalie.

Gottliebe died 16 Jan 1906 in Cleveland. The newspaper notice on 19 January ran:  Durgetto-Mrs. Gottliebe, aged 74 years, died Wednesday, 2 p. m. Funeral services from church cor. Case and Cooper, at 2 o’clock standard, Friday.

Below we surmise the outline of the lives of Joseph and Gottliebe’s offspring.  We know that Anna and Josephine married into the Clark and Oram families but do not guarantee that the other information is correct.  If anybody reading this is a direct descendant of Joseph and Gottliebe please contact us so that we can include your family stories and old photographs as well as correcting any errors.

Joseph c1854-1901
Born: c1854 Ohio
Married: Margaret Sheen on 10 Jan 1895 in Cleveland, Ohio
Known Offspring: Joseph 1895-?
Died: 02 Dec 1901
Buried: Lake View Section 2 Lot 31-0
Newspaper: 5 Dec 1901
Durgetto-J. F., Monday at 5 p. m., aged 46 yrs. Funeral Thursday at 2 p. m. standard, from his late residence, 15 Haaf st. 1855 – 1901. Lakeview Cemetery Cleveland, Ohio.

August c1856 – ?
Born: c1856 Ohio
Married: Elizabeth Fischer 15 Feb 1887 in Cleveland, Ohio
Died: ?

Charles 1860-1939
Born 12 Mar 1860 in Ohio
Married: Elizabeth Kreiter on 13 Nov 1883 in Cleveland, Ohio
Died: 9 July 1939 at Seneca, Ohio
Buried: 12 Jul 1939 in Lake View Cemetery but not with his siblings Section 43 Lot 1135-0 with his wife Elizabeth who died 16 Feb 1941

Anna or Annie 1864-1904 
Born: 1864 in Cleveland, Ohio
Married: William Clark 1862-1843  on 16 Oct 1883 in Cleveland, Ohio
Offspring: Arvin Chester Clark 1884-1945
Died: 17 July 1904 in Cleveland, Ohio
Buried in the Gilbert Clark lot at Lake View Section 2 Lot 26-0

Albert 1866-1911
Born: July 1866 in Cleveland ,Ohio
Unmarried in 1900
Died: 10 Jul 1911
Buried in Lake View Section 2 Lot 31-0
Newspaper: ?
1866 – 1911. Lakeview Cemetery Cleveland, Ohio.

Marie or Mary 1868-1852
Born: 19 Apr 1868, Cleveland
Died: 25 Feb 1952 in Akron, Ohio
Buried: ?
Newspaper: 26 Feb 1952
Durgetto, Mary, sister of Josephine Oram, passed away Monday, Feb. 25, at Akron, O. Services Billows Funeral Home, Akron, Wednesday, 1 p. m.

Henry W Durgetto c1869-1907
Born: c 1869
Married: Christina Reichwein 6 Nov 1890 in Cleveland, Ohio. Application made by Gottliebe as Henry was under 21 years of age.
Date of Death: 28 Sept 1907
Buried: Lake View Section 2 Lot 31-0
Newspaper: 29 Sept 1907
Durgetto-Henry W., Saturday, September 28, aged 38 years, 9 months. Funeral from Abel’s chapel, Monday at 2, cor. Superior and E. Madison. 1869 – 1907. Lakeview Cemetery Cleveland, Ohio.

Josephine 1871-1964 
Born: 24 Nov 1871 in Cleveland, Ohio, USA
Married: Arthur Oram 1873 – 1934  No evidence of date and place found in 2012
Offspring: Natalie Oram 1893-1973
Died: 1 Jan 1964 in Akron, Ohio

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