Jane Oram Sheal 1903 – 1981

Born: 30 June 1903 at Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Parents:  Lillian Louise Oram 1876-1956 and Robert Erwin Sheal 1871-1958

Siblings: None

Married: Frank Lausche 1895-1990 on 19 November 1927 in Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Lived in: Cleveland, Ohio and Bethesda, Maryland, near Washington DC, USA

Died: November 1981 at Bethesda, Maryland, USA. Buried next to her husband Frank in Calvary Cemetery, Cleveland.

Jane Oram Sheal m. Frank Lausche


In 2012 we have nothing of interest to add to Jane’s entry in The Oram Family Saga written by our mother Daphne in the late 1960s:


Only daughter of Lilian Louise and Robert Sheal. Jane graduated from the Art Institute in Cleveland with majors in interior decorating and decorative design. She eventually had a studio of her own where she specialised in lighting fixtures.

After an engagement of 5 years she married Frank Lausche who was at that time a practising attorney and law teacher. Frank came from a Slovenian family and has a passion for law, good government and golf. He served as a judge for 10 years. He was mayor of Cleveland for 2 terms then Governor for 5 terms. He then successfully ran for the Senate and served as a Senator for 12 years. He finally lost his Primary in 1968.

Frank’s whole political career has been one of complete independence and Jane has nobly stood beside him throughout and helped in his campaigning. It was during one of his later campaigns that she was badly injured in a car crash.

In Jane’s photograph she is wearing the dress she wore at Frank’s Inaugural Ball in 1955; the dress is now in the safe keeping of the Ohio Historical Society.

Jane was a wonderful letter writer, but preferred to contact her friends and relations by telephone. She took much interest in the problems of the day; and also was actively interested in her numerous relations giving help wherever and whenever she could.

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