John Oram Hinxman 1897 – 1979

Born: 17 Aug 1897 at Devizes, Wiltshire, England

Parents: Alfred Hinxman 1866-1950 and Emma Agnes Oram 1865-1955

Siblings: Alfred James Hinxman 1893-1915Lily Edith Hinxman 1895-1996, and Ernest Arthur Hinxman 1898-1945

Married: Rosina Mouland 1903-? in 1923

Offspring: Descendants of John and Rosina Hinxman

Died: 1979


Born: August 17th, 1897 at 7 High Street, Devizes. Educated at Bishop Wordsworth School, Salisbury (upon the family removal to Salisbury). Took a keen part in school football and cricket. Entered his father’s business on leaving school in 1914.

His partial deafness prevented him from serving in the army and necessitated an outdoor life and he went to learn farming at West Tytherley where he met his future wife, Rosina Mouland. In 1924 he acquired Poles Farm, Swallowcliffe, near Salisbury where he developed a successful dairy herd, retiring in 1961 to a bungalow near the farmhouse and leaving the bulk of the work to his two sons. Since retirement he has enjoyed exploring the near-by Dorset country and compiling notes on the history of his village.

John, Rosina, and Rosalie Hinxman


Source for John’s 1970 entry in  the ‘Oram Family Saga’ was his sister-in-law Winnie Hinxman.


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