Mary Caroline Hann 1889 – 1967

Born: 1889 at Glastonbury, Somerset, England

Parents: Thomas Hann 1865-1934 and Caroline Susannah Oram 1863-1947

Siblings: Margaret Jane Hann 1895-1964

No marriage or offspring

Lived: 51, Manor House Rd, Glastonbury, Somerset for all her life

Died: 1967 at Glastonbury, Somerset, England.


Mary Hann lived all her 78 years in the house at Glastonbury. She was delicate as a child and after a few weeks at Mts. Morris’s private school she was kept at home and received her education from the headmistress of St. Benedict’s school, a capable lady who trained her well in ordinary subjects and moral rectitude. She showed aptitude in piano playing and graduated through a series of teachers culminating in Dr. Davis, organist of Wells Cathedral, who trained her for her L.R.A.M. which she gained in 1910 (?).

She taught music for a time and during the 1914 war was precipitated into learning the organ and instantly substituting for the St. Benedict’s organist called to the forces. A breakdown in health followed and though benefiting from several visits to a London osteopath she remained ailing for the rest of her life. Her chief characteristic was sociability. She had a genius for making and keeping friends and was never so happy as when talking to people. During the last few years of her life her friendly neighbours made living possible for her by doing her shopping housework and much of her cooking.


Lily Hinxman was Daphne Oram’s main source for the entries for Caro and her family in the 1970 “Oram Family Saga”.


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