+ Thomas John “Tom” Hann 1865 – 1934

Thomas Hann, Glastonbury Cricket Team

Born: 17 Sept 1865 in Glastonbury, Somerset, England

Parents: Edwin Reuben Hann c1840-1890 and Victoria Crouch c1841-1895  

Siblings: Alfred H Hann 1862-?,Charles E Hann 1864-?, Ellen Amy Hann 1868-?, Florence Rose Hann 1870-?, Agnes  Jane Hann 1871-? and Albert Edward Hann 1873-?

Married:  Caroline Susannah “Caro” Oram 1863-1947 on 21 Aug 1888 at Lovington, Somerset, England

Offspring: Mary Caroline Hann 1889-1967 and Margaret Jane Hann 1895-1964

Lived in: Glastonbury, Somerset, England

Died: 1934 in Glastonbury, Somerset, England


Thomas Hann belonged to an old Glastonbury family and followed his father as chief clerk in Austin and Bath, a firm of solicitors. His chief interests were St. Benedict’s church and cricket. Everyone in the town knew him and came to him for help so that it would take him half an hour to walk up the High St. He found everything of absorbing interest especially his work as Churchwarden and secretary of the St. Benedict’s flourishing Men’s Society. He was returned as head of the poll in the municipal elections but owing to his wife’s ill health never accepted the position of mayor. He was true to his principles, generous, loved jokes, watching county cricket, treats and holidays and visits to friends and relations. He was a favourite with everyone, round in face and figure and with beguiling child-like blue eyes, most innocent when he was playing a joke on someone. He was the arch-consultant of the family in all legal matters and in times of difficulty everyone said “Ask Uncle Tom”.

The Hann Family: Mary Caroline, Margaret Jane, Caroline Susannah (née Oram), Thomas Hann


Lily Hinxman was Daphne Oram’s main source for the entries for Caro and her family in the 1970 “Oram Family Saga”.


Tom’s Probate


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