Prinnie Viola Oram 1891 -1954

Born: 22 Nov 1891 in Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Parents: James Henry Oram 1857-1918 and Henrietta E Burt 1861-1940

Siblings: Talbot Burt Oram 1886 – 1969 and Bruce Wallace Oram 1889 – 1920

Married:1. Joseph W. Stone 1884-? on 25 Feb 1919 no divorce or death record found in February 2013

2. Wallace Roland Stewart 1893 -1954 marriage record not found in February 2013. 1930 census implies marriage was in 1926

Offspring: none known

Lived in: Cleveland, Ohio; Buffalo and Queens, Long Island and Olean, New York State, USA

Died:  18 Aug 1954 in Buffalo, New York, USA buried in Mount View Cemetery, Olean, New York, in an unmarked grave next to Dr Wallace R Stewart.


Eldest daughter of James Henry Oram and Henrietta of Cleveland. Prinnie was a Liberal arts girl and a great character. She married a wealthy surgeon physician in Buffalo, called Wallace Stewart. In later life Wallace gave up surgery and became an anaesthetist. Their home was noted for its frequently replenished cellar.

Wallace died of a heart attack in 1954 and Prinnie died 6 months later.


The above entry for Prinnie in the 1970 Oram Family Saga was written by Daphne Oram based on information given to her by Prinnie’s nephew Paul Oram.

Paul told Daphne the reason why there were just seven months between Wallace and Prinnie’s deaths, a reason that we feel we can divulge in 2013:

When Wallace died Prinnie found that he had a mistress and drank the “frequently replenished cellar” dry, not sobering up between their deaths. This cellar was also the reason why Wallace had to give up surgery and became an anaesthetist. 


Chris and Carolyn’s research into Prinnie’s life has unearth her first marriage that Paul Oram may well not have known about.


Marriage to Joseph W Stone

In 1919 Prinnie married divorcee Joseph W Stone in Cleveland. Joseph’s successful application to become a ‘Son of the American Revolution’ is included in his page.

Prinnie Oram’s marriage to Joseph W. Stone

1925: Visit to Hawaii 

During the 1920 census Prinnie and Joseph were living together in Buffalo City, NY where Joseph was a manager of a truck company.  The next sighting of Prinnie is in a passenger list of the SS President Pierce sailing on 13 June 1925 from San Francisco and arriving in Honolulu, Hawaii four days later.

SS President Pierce

Dr Wallace Stewart

During the 1930 census Prinnie and Wallace were living together as a married couple in Buffalo and were to live together for the rest of their lives.  In February 2013 there was no documentation for their marriage, Prinnie’s divorce or a date of death for Joseph Stone.

See the entry for Wallace Stewart for the last 25 years of Prinnie’s life.


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