Bruce Wallace Oram 1889 – 1920

Born: 21 Feb 1889 at Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Parents: James Henry Oram 1857-1918 and Henrietta E. Burt 1862-1940

Siblings: Talbot Burt Oram 1886 – 1969 and Prinnie Viola Oram 1891 -1954

Married: Pearl Bilkey 1886-1956  on 11 Feb 1910 in Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Offspring: Elizabeth Prinnie “Betty” Oram 1915-1922

Died: 4 Feb 1920, in Grandview, Cleveland Heights, Cleveland, Ohio, USA and buried in Lake View Cemetery.


Bruce’s entry in the 1970 “Oram Family Saga” was based on information given by his nephew Paul Oram


Eldest son of James Henry and Anna Oram of Cleveland, Ohio. Bruce and his wife Pearl lived in Shaker Heights, Cleveland. They had one daughter, Betty, who died of a throat goitre at the age of about six.  Bruce enlisted in the First World War, and died soon after in 1920.

Bruce’s  1914-18 World War registration Card. Bruce would have been required to register on 5 June 1917 a few months after the USA had entered the war in April 1917.


The USA entered the 1914-1918 World War in April 1917.  The first registration on 5 June 1917, was for men aged twenty-one to thirty-one—men born between 6 June 1886 and 5 June 1896.  This meant that Bruce had to register on 5 June 1917.  There is no record to show that he saw active service.  Bruce’s elder brother Talbot was born 1 June 1886, so missed the first registration by 5 days.  Talbot registered, as he was required on 12 September 1918, just two months before the end of the war.

Bruce worked as a salesman for The Glidden Varnish Company.  In the 21st century Glidden remains a well known brand name of the global paints and coatings company  Akzonobel.


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