Isabella “Isa” Oram 1891 – 1959

Born: 1891 at Wilford Lodge, near Newport, Co Mayo, Ireland and baptised at Wilford Lodge on 30 October 1891

Parents: Arthur Talbott Oram 1853-1919 and Catherine Love Anderson 1854-1920

Siblings: Jane Oram 1882-1882Anderson Oram 1882-1882John Oram 1884-1953Arthur Oram 1885-1965Margaret “Gretta” Oram 1888-1967James Oram 1890-1964 and Emily Oram 1890-1942

Married: William Shera “Willie” Robertson 1877-1939 in 1919 at Newport, County Mayo, Ireland

Lived in: Newport, Co Mayo, and Dundalk, Co Louth, Ireland; Guiseley and Ben Rhydding, Yorkshire, England; India; Mosney, Co Meath and Glenageary, Co Dublin, Ireland

Died: 8 Nov 1959 in Dublin, Ireland and buried in the same grave as her brother Arthur


Isa’s surviving siblings and her nieces and nephews were the source for Isa’s entry in Daphne Oram’s “Oram Family Saga” compiled in the 1960s.


Third and youngest daughter of Arthur and Catherine Oram of Wilford Lodge, Co. Mayo. Went to the local Protestant School, then moved to a boarding school at Dundalk with her sister, Emily. When she finished her schooling, she stayed on to help on the staff. In 1912 her mother had become a complete invalid so Isa returned to Wilford Lodge to nurse her.

In 1915 at her sister Gretta’s wedding, she met their best man, William Shera Robertson, who was a classics master at Melton Mowbray Grammar School where Gretta and Sidney also taught. Willie Robertson was a scholarly charming man, the son of a Methodist Minister. Isa fell in love with him and they married in 1919 and first lived at Guiseley, Yorkshire. Later Willie moved to Bradford Grammar School and they lived at Ben Rhydding near Ilkley in Yorkshire. At this time Isa was a keen gardener and she devoted most of her spare time to church work at the local Methodist Church.

Isa and Willie

When Willie died in 1935, her brother Arthur, immediately invited her to come out to India to join Emily and himself – this she did until 1940 when she returned to Ireland to look after the Anderson Aunts at Mosney, County Meath. Later she ran the home for her two brothers, John and Arthur at “Eastbourne”, Marlborough Road, Glenageary south of Dublin until she died in 1959.

Isa was a kind and gentle person who was loved by her nephews and nieces. Gretta said that she owed a lot to her sister, Isa, and Willie as they were always willing to come and look after Arthur, so that they could enjoy a much needed holiday. Willie and Isa also made their home at Benridding available for the Thomas Family’s annual holiday.


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