+ Henrietta E Burt 1861 – 1940

Born: June 1861 in French Canada

Parents: Not known in 2012, both born in French Canada

Siblings: Not known in 2012

Married: James Henry Oram 1857-1918  30 Apr 1885 in Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Offspring: Talbot Burt Oram 1886-1969,  Bruce Wallace 1889-1921 and Prinnie Viola Oram 1891-1954

Lived in: Canada and Cleveland, OH, USA, arrived USA in 1873

Died: 2 Mar 1940 in Cleveland, buried with James H Oram in the family plot at Lake View Cemetery

Marriage of James Henry Oram to Henrietta E Burt


1960′s source for Henrietta’s life in Cleveland was his grandson Paul Oram. The 2012 version is much more extensive. It includes all the limited oral history mentioned in the Saga, so only the updated version is given below.


In the late 1960’s Daphne was told that James Henry’s wife had been a French Canadian, probably with Irish connections whose name was Anna. There was also a suggestion that her family had lived in Minneapolis. We have no photographs of her, but images of Prinnie Viola probably give us a clue to the Burt family’s looks.

In 2012 we cannot add much expect that she was born Henrietta Empire Burt and her vital data given above.  In the 1900 census Henrietta reported that both her parents had been born in the French part of Canada and that she had lived in the USA since 1873.  As long as they did not change their surname we hope to eventually trace the Burt family back to Canada.  There was another Henrietta E Burt born near Cleveland at the same time, but she was of good Yankee stock so could not be ‘our’ Henrietta.

During her twenty three years of widowhood Henrietta continued to live at 737 E 118th. During the 1920 census she had two lodgers in the house and was alone in the 1930 census. Henrietta died a month before the 1940 census but the directories show that with her son Talbot and his family had been living with her since about 1935.


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